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This site might contain information that is painful for dogmatic people
The greatest secret/prophecy/miracle in history
witnessed by only those with good MINDS and HEARTS


Before putting anything in our mouths we observe the color, sniff its smell. If it looks rotten, or smells bad we do not touch it. If a food passes the eye and nose tests, then our taste buds will be the judge. If a harmful bit fools all those examinations, our stomach come to rescue, it revolts and throws them up. There are many other organs that function as stations for testing, examination, and modification of imported material into our bodies. They ultimately meet our smart and vigilant nano-guards: white cells. Sure, there are many harmful or potentially harmful foods that pass all the way through our digestive system into our blood, such as alcohol and fat.

Nevertheless, without much using our reasoning faculty, we have an innate system that protects our body from harmful substances. Then, it is a mystery how we put information and assertions, especially the most bizarre ones, into our brains without subjecting them to rigorous test of critical thinking.

We should not turn our brains into trashcans of false ideas, holy viruses, unexamined dogmas and superstitions, which usually use Trojan Horses to invade and conquer our castle, that is brain! We should be wise!

This is the home of rational monotheists and peacemakers who promote reformation in understanding and practice of Islam to fight injustice, totalitarianism, superstitions, misogyny, backwardness and ignorance that have condemned the Muslim World for generations. This site, God willing, will serve as a platform to coordinate, communicate and organize our activities towards a change of paradigm in the realm of religion and politics.

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