114 Movement


Before Registering, please read the following points.

  1. We must adopt and respect the common language of nature: reason/logic and mathematics and use scientific methodology.
  2. We must set ourselves free from falsehood/idols, anything that prevents us or distort our path towards God, the Creator with perfect attributes, such as Truth, Justice, Knowledge, Wisdom, Compassion, Resolve… Nothing should deter us from our journey towards those ideals. We should always be careful about our relationship with money, position, power, idolized prophets, clergymen, politicians, hedonism…
  3. We must promote and try our best to implement justice by accepting the equality of all humans regardless of their color and gender.
  4. And establish peace on earth and hope to attain it forever in hereafter.
  5. We will, by God’s will reform ourselves and share the message of the Quran with humanity so that the system of Peace be established. A draft proposed constitution is here.

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