The illegitimate child of 9 beasts


The illegitimate child of 9 beasts

Edip Yuksel, J.D.
(Incorporating my speech at University of North Carolina at Greensboro in February 16, 2016)

“You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (New Testament, John, 8:32)

The US Defense Department employs 3.2 million people, making it world’s largest employer, with $500 billion annual budget.

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2016-01-25 Ayaan Hirsi Ali asking for 45 thousand dollars 2

According to the holy books of the Judeo Christian Islamic religions, the first crime committed by the children of Adam was greed and murder. The Quran refers to this flaw even before the creation of Adam. Angels question the wisdom in creating a successor (caliph) of a blood-shedding creature which preceeded homo sapiens.

After reaching the eggs of the chosen female, as the champion sperms, most of us caused the eggs to close their entrances and condemned the other millions of our brothers to death. Whether we like it or not, we started as a selfish gene by causing the demise of millions of viable yet a bit slower or unlucky sperms like us. We are merely the children of murderers who call themselves victors throughout the history. We also started our lives by mass-murdering potential brothers. We are the children of Cane; we are the survivors of ferocious wars, both in macro and micro worlds.

Just in last century, we the children of Adam, killed millions of each other, left millions of orphans and handicapped people. We spend great amount of effort, all sorts, commit our finances, best brains, time, and soul into developing the most horrible weapons to kill another brother and sister sharing this planet with us. We do not commit a fraction of it to promote peace and find peaceful resolutions to our conflicts. In fact, we are eager and greedy to seek conflict and we are hasty into dropping bombs on top of each other’s homes. We might be singing peace and talk about love in our churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, but when we get out, we fill with hatred of those buildings we cheer for bigger military, more weapons and more wars.

As an activist whose books, lectures, TV debates, and youtube videos have changed the hearts and minds of thousands of religious radicals, including dozens of terrorists from Al-Qaida and ISIS, I believe that I know a working formula for global peace. In order to reduce violence, terror, national or international wars, first we need to understand the nature of each factor and their interaction. We must promote global and local peace, much stronger than those who have vested interest in wars.

The Islamist (read Sunni/Salafi) Terrorism is the illegitimate child of minimum 9 beasts

Both East and West, all religions and nationalities, we all contribute to the ecology that produces and nourishes the most diabolic of all human activities: killing each other. The invasions, domestic or international conflicts, terror, religious or nationalistic wars are directly or indirectly the product of the following major factors:

  1. Culture of violence: Insensitivity to human life and dignity, promoted by idolized historic characters, proverbs, films, video games, songs. This is an indirect and subtle factor; but it makes youth easier target of the recruiters by both by military and terror organizations.
  2. Consumerism, Capitalism, Imperialism: In other words, invasions, exploitation and enslavement.
  3. Military Industrial Complex: Making profits from killing each other. Influencing governments to create conflicts to stimulate bloody market and create more demand for the product; weapons.
  4. Plutocracy: Big corporations infects domestic and foreign policies with money and blood.
  5. Identity problem: Immigrant population in the West, condemned to poverty in ghettos and prisons, suffer identity problem. Their socio-economic isolation and psychological alienation from the native population leads them to seek identity, hope and honor in gangs and terror organizations.
  6. Anger: Western military invasions, meddling with political process of developing countries and their insensitivity towards the plight of the third world population, such Palestinian suffering for generations.
  7. Dictatorship and Corruption: Corrupt and ruthless kings, some of which supported by the West, such as Saudi Arabia, fight to grab power that leads to vicious circle of internal fights, state and anti-state terror, torture, corruption, atrocities.
  8. The misogynistic religious teachings and traditions. Which shapes the minds of children starting from family, promotes the iron rule “might makes it right,” rather than empathy and compassion.
  9. Religion and dogmatic ideologies: The backward and barbaric religious teachings and the bloody history of Sunni/Shiite sects add fire, passion, perseverance and sacrifice into the mix. All polytheistic religions glorify blind acceptance of stories and instructions under the word “faith” and gives immense power to religious leaders. Depending on political climate, religion is used as opium of masses and/or courage pill. It takes dogmas to turn a good person into a bad one. The Old Testament, The New and the Final Testament, all contains verses justifying violence. Their interpretation and application differs widely. (Edward Jones: Mutual Funds, stocks. Christians prefer investing in stocks without alcohol, pornography, etc. But they do not care about investing in military industry). Reform in all religions…

Peacemakers Guide to Warmongers and Manifesto for Islamic ReformWithout acknowledging and knowing all these intertwined sources, the diagnosis and cure for terrorism will be misguided.

The Facts Contradict the Official Account

Terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda are widely seen as being motivated by their radical theology. A theology which I have rejected and exposed in my books, articles, speeches since 1986, risking my life. But according to Robert Pape, a political scientist at the University of Chicago and founder of the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism, this view is too simplistic. Pape knows his subject; he and his colleagues have studied every suicide attack in the world since 1980, evaluating over 4,600 in all.

Pape’s research, underlying the outward expressions of religious fervor, ISIS’s goals, like those of most terrorist groups, are distinctly earthly:

“What 95 percent of all suicide attacks have in common, since 1980, is not religion, but a specific strategic motivation to respond to a military intervention, often specifically a military occupation, of territory that the terrorists view as their homeland or prize greatly. From Lebanon and the West Bank in the 80s and 90s, to Iraq and Afghanistan, and up through the Paris suicide attacks we’ve just experienced in the last days, military intervention—and specifically when the military intervention is occupying territory—that’s what prompts suicide terrorism more than anything else.” (Joshua Holland, Here’s What a Man Who Studied Every Suicide Attack in the World Says About ISIS’ Motives, The Nation, 2 December 2015)

There are many similar studies and observation contradicting the official narrative promoted by the mainstream Western media. For instance, Lydia Wilson, declared this fact in the title of her article published in The Nation in October 21, 2015: “What I Discovered From Interviewing Imprisoned ISIS Fighters: They’re drawn to the movement for reasons that have little to do with belief in extremist Islam.” A quote from one of the ISIS members tells the most obvious fact craftily hidden in the Western media: “The Americans came. … They took away Saddam, but they also took away our security. I didn’t like Saddam, we were starving then, but at least we didn’t have war. When you came here, the civil war started.”

The Bloody Propaganda Machine

Since 9/11 we have seen inflation in the numbers of the so-called “expert on terrorism” or “expert on radical muslims” or “former radical muslim”. Almost all follow exactly the same talking points, promoting the propaganda of the state via the mainstream media. Their entire job is to hide the main causes of radicalism. While they are very eager to condemn every “muslim terrorists” they never condemn the invasions, massacres, atrocities committed by Jewish or Christian terrorists and their governments.

Enter Daniel Pipes, a Zionist zealot. He has great talent in spinning the facts and hiding more facts.  He, like American politicians and media, never criticized the pictures of Israeli children writing messages on Israeli missiles, or Israeli citizens celebrating the bombing of civilians in Gaza, or numerous other racist aggressions by settlers against Arabs. But, he has powerful words, mostly accurate criticism against Muslims:

“Violence is the headline topic relating to Muslims, whether large-scale plots (Paris) or sudden jihad syndrome lone wolves (San Bernardino), but violence is hardly the whole problem. Muslim hostility toward non-Muslims takes many other forms, such as teaching Islamic supremacism in mosques, spewing anti-Semitism in the streets, and threatening anyone who dares publicly to criticize Islam. Issues concerning women include female genital mutilation, honor killings, polygyny, and forced marriages. Islamic mores lead to strong antipathies against seeing-eye dogs, mixed swimming pool usage, and homosexuals.” (Daniel Pipes, Washington Times, December 11, 2015)

Enter American media and political elite. You never hear them condemning Israel’s fascist policy, aggression, occupation, land-grab, massacres, and barbarism against Palestinians. For instance, in August 2014, Israel attacked Gaza, killing more than 2000 Palestinians, 500 of them being children. During that “conflict” Israel lost only 1 civilian and 2 soldiers, yes only 2 occupying soldiers, more accurately Gestapo, who lost their lives while killing Palestinian children, literally. No Western leader or mass media used the word “Jewish Terrorists”.

The lives of 2000 Palestinians, and 500 children had virtually no value. They were busy propagating the lie about how scary the 1500 rockets showered by Hamas. No major American media, no think-tank, no terror expert or politician questioned the veracity of such information. While Israel was committing genocide against Palestinians, they were busy talking about 1500 rockets scaring poor Israelis…

They never asked the simple question: How come the 1500 evil rockets acted like 1500 evil peanuts, killing none? Well, I should mention one event, which was shown on every channel numerous times: A pumpkin size hole in the middle of a road somewhere in Israel. That half-a-meter whole, was reportedly created by a terrorist rocket! There was nothing else. They would zoom in and out of that hole. They also showed another scene, even more pathetic than that: Israelis rushing for shelters, while acting a bit scared from the noise of the sirens, created by, well, the very Israeli government. It was like watching a horror-comedy film, with cheap special effects. The media, through that theatrics managed to cover and even justify the barbarism and atrocities committed by the fascist Israeli government.

Almost all US senators, congressmen, including the President who won Nobel Peace Prize, entered in line to kiss the Zionist ass, accusing Palestinians for the massacre. They all sent their heart-felt condolences to Israel for losing her two brave soldiers! Yes, soldiers!

The survey by Gallup conducted in 2010 contradicted the official or mainstream propaganda… More American Christians and Jews than Muslims justified the killing of civilians by military.  The following graph is from an articled titled “Most Muslim Americans See No Justification for Violence” by Nicole Naurath, published in August 2, 2011 at

2016-04-10 Gallup Pol and terrorism

In fact, we do not need any polls to witness the warmongers among Christians. Some of the popular GOP presidential candidates promised to CARPET BOMB Syria, or “kill the families of terrorists” and they received the passionate support of millions of religious or racist Americans.

The Old Testament contains numerous instructions for violence and terror, which cannot be attributed to a benevolent and just God. They are mixed and introduced together with beautiful and constructive instructions:

“Joshua and his men utterly destroyed all that was in the city, both man and woman, young and old, ox, sheep and ass, with the edge of the sword.” (Joshua 6:20-21).

“Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass.” (1Samuel 15:3)

“Israel’s God will direct his jealous anger against Babylonians, Chaldeans, Pekod, Shoa, Koa, and the Assyrians, and they will be dealt with in fury. Their noses and ears will be cut off, and they will fall by the sword. Their sons and daughters will be taken, and those who are left will be consumed by fire.” (Ezekiel 23:25)

In the Manifesto for Islamic Reform, I have listed several dozens of Biblical verses expressing the cruel, violence, racist and misogynistic teachings of the Old Testament, which pales compared to Thalmud.

The New Testament, however, contains a different teaching. Nevertheless, since the New Testament relies on many verses of the Old Testament and there are ambiguities regarding the degree of its validity for Christians, Christians have justified many barbaric acts, atrocities, and torture by using and abusing the verses of both Old and New Testaments. For instance, see:

  • Mat 5:17-19, 29-30;
  • Mat 10:34;
  • Mat 19:12;
  • Mat 21:19;
  • John 15:6 (was abused by the church and used together with Exodus 22:18 to burn witches)
  • 1 Peter 2:13-14 (following this instruction, many atrocities and wars were committed by Christians)

Modern Crusaders do not directly fight as they used to in medieval times. They now sing peace in their churches while voting for warmongers and promoting militarism. Instead of quoting verses from their holy books that instructs its adherents to burn and stone infidels, destroy cities and kill every living being including babies, they now use modern secular propaganda filled with euphemism and doubletalk. They do not hesitate to establish coalitions with nationalists, capitalists, or Zionists. They have mutated with time and learned how to use secular governments and their militaries as proxy warriors for their bloody crusades. In fact, nothing has changed much: the king and the pope are toasting blood and these stooges are their public relation knights and bishops![1]

Merchants of Terror or Useful Idiots

Enter Zuhdi Jasser, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and numerous other so-called experts on Islamic Terror. Zuhdi Jasser is one of the Arabs with inferiority complex who is more for Zionists than Zionists for themselves. He is Fox News’ favorite useful idiot and is supported with hundreds of thousands of dollars and media exposure. He shamelessly promoted the invasion of Iraq and never apologized for the lies promoted by his Neocon masters.

When a few months ago he was invited by rapture-freak Evangelical Christians to the James Roger College of Law, my alma meter, I decided to confront him there. I took my camcorder and decided to record my confrontation and exposure of this stooge. Well, the organizers did not allow my recording, thereby proving their cowardice.

When I questioned Zuhdi Jasser and accused him of hypocrisy of not condemning Israel for the killing of more than 2000 Palestinians, 500 of them being Children; he acted like a coward as he is, and changed the subject. In order not to be exposed further, he escaped from the lecture hall like a zebra… I followed him to confront him and record my confrontation, but I could not find him around. He literally ran away and hid himself somewhere. I have no respect for these sorts bloody warmongers, just because they are well-groomed and talk fluently; they are the lowliest people on earth and they are merely well-paid useful idiots.

How much are they paid? Say, for a two-hour panel? If I was going to guess, I would say 500 (five hundred) dollars. Before reading further, please think of Ayaan Hirsi Ali? I bet the chances are you don’t know her. She is not Hillary Clinton, nor she is Angelina Jolie… She has no relationship with my favorite singer, Adele, either. Well, we wanted to have a diverse list of panelists for our conference on 16 February 2016 at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Ayaan Hirsi Ali was among the short list. Professor Askerov sent her an invitation. Here is what we got from her on 25th of January 2016:

Hello Dr. Askerov:

I was forwarded your email inviting Ayaan Hirsi Ali to speak at UNCG in February.  Worldwide Speakers Group represents Ms. Hirsi Ali for her speaking engagements, and I’d be delighted to assist. 

Ms. Hirsi Ali’s speaking honorarium is $45,000 plus local travel and expenses for 3.  Should you wish to proceed, I will send you our firm offer form – this is the vehicle by which we share the details/timing/audience and client expectations with our speakers.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,


There are many well-paid or appointed talking heads in the media, whose entire job is to misinform the public and hide the real causes of terrorism and the real solutions. They serve the military industrial complex and other multinational corporations.

The biggest terror organizations

Governments are by far the biggest terror organizations, and they give birth and foster gang terrorism. To control and exploit masses, big corporations and corrupt politicians promote domestic or international conflict and wars.

Terror organizations are usually by-product of either

  1. Nationalist or racist policies of States
  2. Imperialistic wars, invasions, covert operations and interference of States


  • Afrikaners’ state terror in South Africa gave birth to ANC
  • Sri Lanka’s state terror gave birth to Tamil Tigers
  • Turkish state terror gave birth to PKK


  • USA imperialism in Iran supporting Shah and his military gave birth to Mullahs
  • Israeli occupation, fascism and state terrorism gave birth to Hamas
  • Russia and then USA’s invasion of Afghanistan gave birth to Al-Qaida
  • Russia’s invasion of Chechenia gave birth to Chechen
  • USA invasions of Iraq and killing about a Million Iraqi gave birth to ISIS
  • USA and Europe supports foreign dictators and kings or politicians who are corrupt

Don’t forget that States killed millions of civilians in last century… Just in last decade, USA killed about a million Iraqis, Israel killed thousands of Palestinians, including more than 2000 children.

Here is the bloody vicious cycle:

Wars, invasions, covert operations, state terrorism –> Profits, Power and Control –> Gang Terrorism –> Fear and propaganda –> Wars, invasions, covert operations, state terrorism

Wars? Terrorism?  It is bloody good business!

The peacemakers of the world should unite their voices and forces against militaristic government policies, nationalism, fascism, military-industrial complex, and they must confront corporations, organizations and individuals that promote wars among the children of Adam. We should not discriminate among warmongers, the followers of Cain, because of their color, religious or political affiliations, titles, nationalities, or the fashions of their grooming! Warmongers belong to the same pack; they need each other to fan the flames of hate and war. If we spent a fraction of our money and effort to establish peace on earth, rather than wasting it on war machines, we would have a much better world. As a muslim (peacemaker), I have dedicated my life to confronting the enemies of peace and I invite you to join our efforts. Peacemakers of the world, we must transcend national and religious barriers and unite for peace, justice, and progress!

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Below is an incomplete list of the causes and promoters of bloody wars and terrorism. I published the list in my book, Peacemaker’s Guide to Warmongers.


Aegis Defence Serv.


Airal Sharon


Alan Dershowitz

Alberto Gonzales


American Enterprise Inst.

Ann Coulter


Army of Mahdi

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Basij-e Mostaz’afin

Benjamin Netanyahu

Beverly LaHaye

Bill Graham

Bill Kristol

Bill Warner

Blackwater (Xe)

Bush Family Co.

Boeing Co.

Brigitte Gabriel


Campus Watch



Charles Krauthammer

Christopher Hitchens


Custer Battles

Daniel Pipes

David Brooks

David Horowitz

Debbie Schlussel

Dick Cheney

Donald Rumsfeld

Doug Feith


Eliot Cohen

Elliott Abrams

Eric Prince

Estee Lauder

Foreign Policy Initiative

FOX News

Fouad Ajami

Geert Wilders

General Dynamics

Glenn Beck

Hal Lindsey


Health Net Inc

Heritage Foundation



Ibn Waraq




Iranian Mullahs

Israel Aircraft Indust.

Israel Military Indust.

Israel Weapon Indust.

Jack Hayford


John Bolton

John Hagee

John Yoo

Joseph Alois Ratzinger

Joseph Lieberman


Karl Rove

Kimberly Kagan

L-3 Communications


Left-Behind Crusaders

Lewis Scooter Libby

Lindsey Graham

Lockheed Martin

Mark Steyn

Michael Savage

Michelle Malkin

Mormon Church


Mulla Omar


Neal Boortz


New Grounds

Newt Gingrich

The New Republic

Nonie Darwish

Northrop Grumman

Osama Bin Laden

Pat Robertson

Paul Wolfowitz

Peter King


Rafael Development Corp.

Raytheon Co.

Richard Armitage

Richard Perle

Rupert Murdoch


Rudy Giuliani

Rush Limbaugh

Sam Harris

Sarah Palin

Sean Hannity

Science Applications

Shimon Peres

Radovan Karadzic

Religious Right (Wrong)

Robert Kagan

Robert Spencer

Shiites for Sharia Law


Steven Emerson

Sunnis for Sharia Law



Tim LaHaye

Titan Corp.

Tom DeLay

Tony Blair

Triple Canopy

Tzipi Livni

TRW Inc.

United Technologies


Valayat-i Faqih

Victoria’s Secret

Vinnel Corp

Wafa Sultan

Walid Shoebat

Wall Street Journal

Warner Brothers

William Kristol

Xe (Blackwater)


Zuhdi Jasser


Mandarin:          和平

Hindi:                    शांति

Arabic:                  سلام

Russian:               мир

Malay:                  Keamanan

Bengali:                শান্তি

Spanish:               Paz

German:                              Frieden

Urdu:                    امن

Turkish: Barış

Persian: صلح

French:                 Paix

Japanese:            平和

Korean:                평화

Javanese:            Rukun

Swahili: Amani

Hebrew:                               שָׁלוֹם

Kurdish:               Aşitî

[1]        As of October 2009, the Iraqi Death Estimator at estimates 1,339,771 Iraqi deaths due to U.S.-led invasion, which deliberately started a civil war between the Shiite and Sunni Iraqis in order to crush the popular uprising against its brutal invasion, massacres, plundering, rape and torture. This is only Iraq! For the list of other atrocities and war crimes perpetrated by the West and Church see the article From Wounded Knee To Iraq: a Century Of U.S. Military Interventions.

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