Lecture at British Parliament and Oslo Conference

The first part of Edip Yuksel’s speech at British Parliament is here: LONDON God willing, I will be visiting London to give a lecture at the British Parliament on “The nine factors behind the rise of ISIS: from the USA to Saudi Arabia”. During my visit (Nov25-Dec2), I will be meeting politicians, academics and community …

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The Terrible Terrorist Test

The Terrible Terrorist Test Edip Yuksel 1 May 2013 Updated in 27 Nov 2017 www.19.org “Muslims should be banned from entering the United States” Donald Trump, Republican Party candidate for presidency, December 7, 2015 ‘Muslims are evil. Let’s kill them all’  — Tweet by US Fox TV commentator Erik Rush, reacting to Boston bombing, April 15, …

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Muslim Reform or Become Extinct

In short, the so-called two billion muslim ummah is sick, very sick. We are intoxicated with religious and historic lies, which are 175° proof. We are terribly afflicted with endemic polytheism, ignorance, violence, oppression, pseudoscience, superstitions, misogyny, intolerance, racism, jingoism, economic inequality, poverty, nepotism, corruption, tyranny, delusion, logical fallacies, hypocrisy…. Find all the bad words from a dictionary and we have plenty of all those in our homes, mosques, streets, and governments… Mosques, madrasas, schools, streets and homes continuously produce sick people. Individualism, critical and creative thinking and self-confidence is killed in early age by fathers, teachers, and religious leaders whose role models are authoritative, cruel, bigoted and psychopathic historic characters.

From Gerd Puin to Edip Yuksel

As for the word HWR (read Hoor), I do hesitate to translate it as raisin as suggested by Luxenberg, since the word simply means ‘friends to converse with’. It has the same root with another Quranic word HaWaRiyun, that is, Disciple of Jesus whom Jesus made numerous conversations with. HaWaRa means to converse or return, and it is used in the Quran 13 times in its all forms.

Erdogan and his thugs

99% of articles at this website either written by Edip Yuksel or his affiliates. However, rarely we re-publish articles we deem important. Below is  such an article written Editorial Board of The Washington Post First, Erdogan’s goons attack protesters. Then, the embassy blames the victims. By Editorial Board May 19 at 7:59 PM The Washington …

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Reformist Translation vs Sectarian Translations

On the following pages, you will find several comparisons between our translation and that of traditional orthodox English renditions of the Quran. By the word “tradition,” we refer to the works that heavily rely on hearsay reports such as hadith, sunna, and sectarian jurisprudence. We chose to compare our work primarily with the translation of Yusuf Ali, Pickthall, and Shakir, since they reflect most of the common errors and ­distortions, and because they are popular translations among the English-speaking Sunni population.

NINETEEN: God’s Signature in Nature and Scripture. EXAMPLES:

NINETEEN: God’s Signature in Nature and Scripture. EXAMPLES: The number of Arabic letters in the opening statement of the Quran, BiSMi ALLaĤi AL-RaĤMaNi AL-RaĤYM (1:1) 19 x 1 Every word in Bismillah… is found in the Quran in multiples of 19 The frequency of the first word, Name (Ism) 19 x 1 The frequency of …

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Sam Gerrans and Code 19

Code 19 with Sam Gerrans Edip Yüksel 25 January 2017 EDİP: Fantastic presentation. Great effort and work. But at the same time: Speculative, arbitrary, inconsistent and complicated. And it is not falsifiable. On the other hand, code 19 is factual, mathematical, consistent and simple to understand. For instance, the frequency of the letters/numbers K20H5Y10A’70SS90 in …

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Year 1974: the Historic Discovery and Announcement by Rashad Khalifa

I had the cassette since Rashad’s was assassinated by al-Qaida terrorist group in Tucson Arizona in January 31st 1990. In my possession I have several audio tapes and I had listened and uploaded one of them here at this site under title “Muslim Turkey” But, somehow I never listened to the rest until the beginning of this year 2017. The one you will be able to hear now for the first time is an audio cassette with Rashad’s handriwriting on it. Written in permanent black marker on it: 1974 and in Arabic: Radio Tarabulus (Tripoli).

On it is Nineteen

The “prime” evidence comes in the form of a highly sophisticated mathematical code embedded in an ancient document. Computer decoding of this document was originally started by Dr. Rashad Khalifa, a biochemist, in 1969. In 1974, this study unveiled an intricate mathematical pattern based on a prime number. (Having interested with the subject the author, like many others, I examined Dr. Khalifa’s findings and assisted him in his further research.)*

Divine Logic

I would like to analyze the Quranic verses according to the rules of logic, especially symbolic logic. This project will have the following goals:

To check the validity of the Quranic arguments
To check the falsity of the opponent’s arguments quoted in the Quran
To expose logical fallacies committed by commentators of the Quran
To clarify the language of a verse
To refute criticism directed to the Quran
To clarify the nature and forms of the Quranic arguments
To construct arguments from premises sharing common terms, dispersed among verses of the Quran, and drive conclusions that are not stated explicitly

Irshad Manji

Irshad Manji is not a sheikh nor a mullah, but she is a brave muslim (a peacemaker, a peaceful surrenderer to God ALONE) who has not squandered her God-given mind and heart through the teachings of clergymen who arrogated themselves by claiming monopoly over the understanding of the Quran and by injecting themselves between individuals and their Creator. Irshad surprises me by her insight and courage. “Our duty to know God overshadows any guilt brought on by the artificial gods of family and nation.” This is not an easy task. The great majority of people follow the religion of loudest, crowdest, or the proximate bandwagon. It takes wisdom and bravery to search for truth, without condition. Throughout history, those who questioned dogmas and mythologies were shunned and declared heretics.

Edip Yuksel v. Ali Sina

Peacemaker’s Guide to Warmongers Exposing Robert Spencer, Osama Bin Laden, David Horowitz, Mullah Omar, Bill Warner, Ali Sina and other Enemies of Peace This book comprises of eight sections: An Invitation to Jews, Christians, Muslims, and All, an excerpt from the last section of the Manifesto for Islamic Reform. An analysis of selected Quranic verses …

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The illegitimate child of 9 beasts

The illegitimate child of 9 beasts Edip Yuksel, J.D. www.19.org (Incorporating my speech at University of North Carolina at Greensboro in February 16, 2016) “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (New Testament, John, 8:32) The US Defense Department employs 3.2 million people, making it world’s largest employer, with $500 billion …

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Loneliness Uncovered

And some tips on how to beat urban loneliness…
“Join a gym and go to a class – great way to meet people. Go to one of the many, many evening cultural events that your library puts on. Join a political pressure group or charity that suits your outlook and go to the meetings. Even better, volunteer with a charity or festival and meet people that way. Car driving makes you lonely, so sell it and take sustainable transport.” (Anonymous Vancouver resident)

Edip Yuksel

EDIP YUKSEL, J.D. American-Turkish-Kurdish author and progressive activist (1957). Spent over four years in Turkish prisons in 1980’s for his political writings/activities that promoted an Islamic revolution in Turkey. While a popular Islamist youth leader, Edip adopted the Quran Alone philosophy after corresponding with Rashad Khalifa and reading his landmark book, Quran, Hadith and Islam. …

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