The Constitution of the Republic of Peacemakers

With the promising development in the Middle East, which I have been praying for it since I have become a rational monotheist, I decided to embark a project. I might be dreaming and some might even laugh at me, yet I know that all major progress in the history of humanity started with a dream, occasionally of humble and obscure men. I would like to invite you to join me in this project. The project might not receive the expected attention of people in Egypt, Libya, Iran, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, yet without trying it we will not know. Besides, I consider it as my duty in support of this promising transformation, and I hope that you do consider the same for yourself. We need to support the freedom fighters through our knowledge and experience. We have the privilege to know both the West and East and thus perhaps by mere “chance” we are in a better condition to appreciate the goodness and the weakness of both sides. The intention of this project is to provide spring-board or support for the intellectuals of the population in the “Middle East,” a population that have long time being oppressed and repressed by authoritarian, corrupt regimes and their imperialist masters in the West.

Blind Watch-Watchers or Smell the Cheese

Evolution of species through mutation and cumulative selection, as subscribed by the modern scientific community, provides sufficient evidences for the existence of immanent intelligent design in nature. The theory of evolution provides evidences about an intelligent designer more than a fingerprint on a canvass could provide clues about the identity of a human painter. Inferring the existence and some attributes of an intelligent designer from nature is as equally scientific as inferring the existence and some attributes of an unknown creature from its footprints left on the sand.

Letter to Signs Magazine

Personally, I consider myself lucky to have met Rashad and assisted him in Masjid Tucson. I was a Sunni political activist and author advocating Sunni Islam in books published in Turkey before 1986. I was tortured and imprisoned for four years because of my articles in magazines calling for an Islamic revolution in Turkey. After a year long correspondence and debate with Rashad I came to the conclusion that the Quran is the only source of guidance. It was no surprise that my acceptance of the Quran alone brought excommunication, attacks from religious media and death threats from my previous readers.

Eternal Hell and Merciful God?

Suffering in an eternal Hell creates a contradiction between this divine justice, since eternity can not be equal to an evil committed in during a limited life span of a human. However, eternal punishment in life time of a non eternal Hell avoids such a contradiction. After receiving an equivalent punishment the chief evil-doers like those referred in verse 4:48, will be eliminated from existence. They will end up in Hell and Hell will end up in nothingness.

Is the Creature Prophecized in 27:82 Computer?

Edip Yüksel “At the right time, we will produce for them a creature (dabbah) from earthly materials, communicating to people that they are not certain about our miracles/signs/revelations (ayaat).” (27:82). Those who have witnessed the mathematical system of the Quran based on code 19 (74:30-37) usually tend to understand this verse to be a prophecy …

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BEWARE: Priests Are Singing Love, Again!

Edip Yüksel “When missionaries came to South Africa, we had the land, they had the Bible. Then they told us, ‘Let’s close our eyes and pray.’ When we opened our eyes we saw that we have the Bible, they have the land.” (Kenyatta, Founder of Kenya). You clergymen with the Bible in your hands, do …

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A Miraculous Conspiracy Theory about Mecca

Edip Yuksel I Nominate Ayman for top Ignoble Prize in “Imagination” “As we saw above, based on the orthographic evidence from the great reading itself and physical archeological evidence, the great reading must have originated in a north Arabian Lakhmid province or border town and not in a central Arabian area such as the area …

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Make No Mistake: Iran is not Iraq

Edip Yuksel June 2005 The USA-Inc, Crusaders and Zionist coalition is looking for an excuse to create pretext for another war, this time against Iran. Already stuck in the mud in Afghanistan and Iraq, and already shed the blood of tens of thousands of innocent civilians, the blood-thirsty warmongers have yet to get satisfied. They …

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Which One Do You See: Hell or Miracle?

Edip Yüksel I know that the title and the subtitle of this article are quite challenging. If you have developed an attitude against witnessing the mathematical miracle of the Quran, you are justified to get upset with these words and perhaps get little angry. You might have already blinded your eyes and closed your ears …

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The 19 Rules of Inference

The prototype disbeliever who is challenged by the number 19 is described as the one who makes erroneous inferences (74:18-20). The repetitious reference to his fallacious logic emphasizes the importance of thinking and inferring properly.

God has embedded in our hardware and system software the rules of logical thinking (rooh and aql), which amazingly work perfectly in harmony with the rules of external or natural world. If we employ these rules they will help us to understand God’s law in the nature and the scripture. Our ego, our weakness to follow the crowd, our short term petty interests and similar interference can prevent us from employing those rules correctly or efficiently.

No Contradiction in the Quran

Verse 4:82 of the Quran claims that it is free of contradictions. Any internal contradiction or contradiction between the Quran and God’s laws in the nature will falsify the claim. I found the following claims of contradiction posted in an evangelical site disguised as “humanist.” Here are the 10 charges and my answers.

Was the Discovery of the Code 19 a Coincidence?

Edip Yüksel Dr. Rashad Khalifa did not have any knowledge that his curiosity regarding the meaning of the alphabet letters that initialize 29 chapters of the Quran would end up with the discovery of its mathematical system. His computerized study that started in 1969 gave its fruits in 1974 by the discovery of the 14 …

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