Practical Benefits of Code 19


 Practical Benefits of Code 19

Edip Yüksel



FARUK PERU: Edip, can you please demonstrate that in practical terms. Just one instance in how the 19 theory helps us understand a particular concept better?

EDİP YÜKSEL:  The unveiling of the hidden meaning of the number 19 in chapter 74 (The Hidden one),  in year 1974, exactly 19×74 lunar years after the revelation of the Quran, yes this great discovery explained many Quranic verses, challenges, concepts, features and fulfilled many prophecies, such as the following:

  1. The meaning of chapter 74.
  2. The meaning and role of 14 combinations of 14 letters/numbers in the beginning of 29 chapters.
  3. Why chapter 9 has missing Bismillah and why chapter 27 has an extra one.
  4. The reason for some unique spellings in the Quran, such as 7:69.
  5. The interrelation of attributes of God.
  6. The fulfillment of some Quranic promises such as: 2:106; 27:93; 29:1-4; 38:1-8; 38:29; 41:53; 78:27-30; 28:18-21.
  7. The importance of 17:36 and many similar verses.
  8. The fulfillment of verse 46:7-14; 20:133-135.
  9. The fulfillment of the promise in 74:31 and 74:37.
  10. The fulfillment of the prophecies in 27:82-85; 54:1-2; and 72:28.
  11. To prove the promise in 59:9.
  12. To fulfill the challenge in 17:88; 25:4-6; 10:20; 29:50-51.
  13. Witnessing the universal rule mentioned in 6:25-26; 7:140 and many other verses such as 6:4; 6:104; 6:158.

And many more…

Brother Farouk, how could you miss this important question? As it seems, you have not studied the issue, or read any of my articles and books this issue. You did not study the NINETEEN: God’s Signature in Nature and Scripture and the recent book, Running Like Zebras, we would have a much better debate on this issue.

During my debate with you in London, I noticed that all you have done was to search for some criticism on the Internet, and repeat them, as if they were new, and more importantly as if they were not responded (or refuted) by us.

Interestingly, with the exception of a few, most of your criticism was focused on some of the errors in Rashad’s early works, which he corrected afterwards. During our debate in London, which was sabotaged by the moderator of your choice, you indulged in those early errors. You forgot that you could do exactly the same thing to refute the heliocentric model, by finding errors in Copernic’s calculations. Similarly, you could reject the theory of Evolution by listing the many errors in Darwin’s book or the work of other scientists who did substantial contribution to the theory of evolution.

In other words, most of your criticism was based on logical fallacy called the STRAW MEN argument. Of course, you chose STRAW ERRORS to blind yourself and others to the “one of the greatest” divine signs and prophecies. You even painted horses in our names and kindly charged us of indulging in forgery. Then, you preached us against radicalism, which you perhaps wished people to associate it with terrorism. I was a radical according to you, since I was stating the truth of a Quranic verses or some numerical relationships! According to your definition of radicalism, the great majority of mathematicians and scientists were radical and dangerous people.

So, my dear brother, your new role of fighting against this Quranic prophecy is not something small. You may get fame and receive plenty of applause from all the ingrates and ignorant people who have chosen to ignore or fight against God’s signs. Indeed, they are in majority; you will have millions and millions of admirers and supporters. This is your choice and you will be the one who will face your Lord in the Day of Judgment. I hope that you will show the courage and wisdom to question your innermost intention, your prejudices and inshallah become a witness to this sign, which is paradoxically hundred percent objective and hundred percent subjective. Exactly, like the random-dot 3-D pictures.