Capital Punishment for Capitalism and the Epithet for its Tombstone


Capital Punishment for Capitalism and
the Epithet for its 

Edip Yuksel
17 May 2012



This is CAPITALISM. One of the thousands pictures depicting the barbaric nature of capitalism. The Indian government, instead of distributing the MILLIONS of tons of wheat to starving population, let it rot! While people dying of starvation? Why? In order to keep wheat prices high.

I bet you will find many economists in your country trying to justify this self-evident stupidity and cruelty in the name of the dogmas of the capitalistic system! The corporate owned propaganda machine will open its screens and papers to these well-trained sales people to bent and distort the reality. They will tell you to keep working to get a few crumbs and hoping of getting a slice from the rotten and poisonous capitalistic pie. They will peddle it as the best available food, alternative to the communist pie.

Let me start by quoting a paragraph from the article sharing my observations and experience during my trip to China in 2008. It gives you the picture of the modus operandi of a capitalist pig (You may read the full article at

“However, this fitness might soon become an old glory. Already, the golden ark of McDonald’s, the red hut of Pizza Hut, and the goatee of the KFC are blinking and winking in major corners of the city. If the Chinese do not pay attention, they might soon import our obesity in addition to paying us hefty franchise loyalty. I remember reading an article in Time magazine on Wal-Mart’s expansion in China. The reporter directed a loaded question to the director of the China operation, which I paraphrase: “Wal-Mart is carrying junk food and fatty snacks. Wouldn’t those items harm the health of Chinese population?” The leader of Wal-Mart’s Chinese operation did not lose a beat, “Well, no problem. They will learn through experience. And we will also open up a new shelve selling diet products followed by exercise equipment. The business will be good!” Being in China and personally experiencing the fact that they are humans like us, with families, feelings, concerns and dreams, I am disturbed by the audacity of financially attractive, yet morally questionable business plan of that Wal-Mart top manager.”

A satanic economic system that let bankers, speculators, the 1 percenters steal wealth from the working people “legally”;  a system that plunders and consumes the resources of the earth recklessly; uses its global military machine to wage wars to steal the natural resources of poor countries and dictate the terms of multinational corporations; poisons our lands, oceans and atmosphere; controls the so-called democratically elected politicians and the so-called academicians; corrupts our youth by transforming them into hedonistic zombies through its media, schools and political system,..

Yes, this rotten capitalism is magically juxtaposed with democracy, as if they were Siamese Twins, and is introduced by us to us as an ideal system. The peddlers of capitalism are as skilled as Pharaoh’s magicians.

The words of Biraj Patnaik, an adviser to India’s Supreme Court on food policy issues, summarize one of the many crimes of capitalistic system:

“The rotting of food grain is tantamount to criminal neglect in a country which has one of the highest rates of child malnutrition globally and the largest proportion of hungry people… The government’s refusal to distribute the grain to the poor, holding it back to rot purely on fiscal grounds, is particularly distressing.”

The picture of mountains of bags of grain left to rot in the midst of a starving population provides sufficient evidence and reason to convict capitalistic monster for treason against humanity. We should hurl the capitalist monster to the pit of history and let it rot together with its twin devil, authoritarian communism. They fooled the world for too long by using the fallacy of false dilemma. Yes, capitalism has earned the “capital punishment.” You may write Biraj’s statement above as the epithet on its tombstone, which needs to be the size of a Skyscraper in order to list a portion of the list of the injustices and tragedies created by this capitalist monster.