Lecture at British Parliament and Oslo Conference

The first part of Edip Yuksel’s speech at British Parliament is here: LONDON God willing, I will be visiting London to give a lecture at the British Parliament on “The nine factors behind the rise of ISIS: from the USA to Saudi Arabia”. During my visit (Nov25-Dec2), I will be meeting politicians, academics and community …

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The illegitimate child of 9 beasts

The illegitimate child of 9 beasts Edip Yuksel, J.D. www.19.org (Incorporating my speech at University of North Carolina at Greensboro in February 16, 2016) “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (New Testament, John, 8:32) The US Defense Department employs 3.2 million people, making it world’s largest employer, with $500 billion …

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Warning to YouTube Turkish Team

Edip Yuksel’s Open Warning to YouTube’s Turkish Team 24 February 2015 My rights protected both by the First Amendment of the USA constitution, and Article 19 of the Declaration of Human Rights have been violated. If your Turkish team does not stop censoring my videos promoting Islamic Reform via critical thinking, I may be forced to …

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A New ‘Leadership Generation’ of Muslim Americans

A recent Gallup poll has indicated that most Muslim Americans do not feel they are represented by existing Muslim organizations in America. The highest approval rating any one of these organizations received was only 12%. While we must assert that all of these existing organizations do extremely valuable work, we also understand that there exists a huge gap between the sociopolitical aspirations of Muslim Americans and the previous achievements of Muslim American organizations. In order to address these issues, we must consider the following:

Robert Spencer: a Crusader Riding a Catholic Zebra

Knowing his disappointing performance in those two symposium, Robert then started having fear and perhaps panic attacks. Below are the Twitters he started sending around and our email conversation regarding the debate. As you will see, he tried every excuse to escape from a face-to-face live debate, since he is smart enough to know that he would be exposed as a liar and fake expert through the Socratic Method.

Edip Yuksel’s Speech at European Parliament

We are oppressors, ignorant and self-righteous. We condemn the genocides, atrocities of the past, big or small, especially if they were against our tribe, but we enjoy doing exactly the same thing even now while we are talking this issue. With Cognitive Dissonance every evil is possible!

Cartoon and Short Film Competition on Muhammad (2012)

Though we defend their freedom of expression fully, we morally condemn the ignorant and perhaps malicious act of the cartoonists, the film makers and their supporters who insult prophet Muhammad, one of the greatest moral leaders in human history. We are announcing awards for cartoon/portrait of Muhammad or short film that would depict him accurately as a human being and a messenger of peace and progress. We will publish the winning portrait at www.19.org and in the next edition of “The Quran: A Reformist Translation.” We may also publish many other submissions of high quality.

The Making of a Documentary

In June 2011 with a film crew, I visited Atlanta, New York, Vancouver, Los Angles back to Tucson.
We hugged cacti in Tucson and chased numbers on the highways, we ambushed atheists at the Skeptic Society in Altadena, Los Angeles. We debated the imam of the biggest mosque in New York who escaped from his own mosque in frustration with his teachings. We debated with the president of the American Atheist organization at New Jersey. We challenged Americans regarding the USA-Inc’s imperialism and capitalism. And more…

Sign the Petition to add Critical Thinking Classes in K-12

It is a travesty that our educational system is filling the minds of youngsters with plenty of data without training them how to process them properly. Individuals and societies suffer greatly from logical fallacies that invite harmful choices, superstitions, bigotry, extremism, and manipulative propaganda. Critical reasoning skills empower individuals and societies to make better decisions in their financial, political, social and personal choices.

Jury Reaches the Verdict: We are the Guilty

We did not care much about you when you were hungry. We did not care much about you when you were cold on the street. We did not care when you were sick. In fact, your presence in our streets and parks has bothered us. We wished that you and millions like you would just disappeared into oblivion. But, now we have caught you poisoning yourself with drugs, with a pea-size crack. Now we care about you. If we are convinced by the police report and the prosecutor, the law instructs us to make you really invisible by putting you behind bars for years. When you come out you will be older, more corrupt, angrier and unemployable. We know that you will most likely spend the rest of your life in jails and prisons. At the same time, we will be creating more jobs for lawyers, judges, police officers, crime scene specialists, detectives, expert witnesses, guards, and the multi-billion dollar prison industrial complex.

The Constitution of the Republic of Peacemakers

With the promising development in the Middle East, which I have been praying for it since I have become a rational monotheist, I decided to embark a project. I might be dreaming and some might even laugh at me, yet I know that all major progress in the history of humanity started with a dream, occasionally of humble and obscure men. I would like to invite you to join me in this project. The project might not receive the expected attention of people in Egypt, Libya, Iran, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, yet without trying it we will not know. Besides, I consider it as my duty in support of this promising transformation, and I hope that you do consider the same for yourself. We need to support the freedom fighters through our knowledge and experience. We have the privilege to know both the West and East and thus perhaps by mere “chance” we are in a better condition to appreciate the goodness and the weakness of both sides. The intention of this project is to provide spring-board or support for the intellectuals of the population in the “Middle East,” a population that have long time being oppressed and repressed by authoritarian, corrupt regimes and their imperialist masters in the West.

My Normal and Paranormal Adventures

My Normal and Paranormal Adventures in Kazakhstan: Bukhari’s Ghost Dancing with a Hungry Holy Sunni Goat, Misogynistic Dogs Barking at Pigs, Russian Pyrokinesis Burning Holes in Brains and Pockets, Two Extra Letters Correcting Quranic Bismillah, Kazaks Eating Almaty’s Apple and Horse Meat…   Edip Yuksel © 19.org This is my third country report since 2008. …

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Oxford, London and Istanbul – 2008

Adventures of an Islamic Reformer at Oxford, London, and Istanbul Edip Yuksel To publicly discuss my recent book, Manifesto for Islamic Reform, I was invited to give four lectures in November 3-10, 2008. The topics were: A Manifesto for Islamic Reform, and Why Quran Alone through Reason: MECO, Oxford University, November 3. MECO, Oxford University, …

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