Lecture at British Parliament and Oslo Conference

The first part of Edip Yuksel’s speech at British Parliament is here: LONDON God willing, I will be visiting London to give a lecture at the British Parliament on “The nine factors behind the rise of ISIS: from the USA to Saudi Arabia”. During my visit (Nov25-Dec2), I will be meeting politicians, academics and community …

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The illegitimate child of 9 beasts

The illegitimate child of 9 beasts Edip Yuksel, J.D. www.19.org (Incorporating my speech at University of North Carolina at Greensboro in February 16, 2016) “You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” (New Testament, John, 8:32) The US Defense Department employs 3.2 million people, making it world’s largest employer, with $500 billion …

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Edip Yuksel’s Speech at European Parliament

We are oppressors, ignorant and self-righteous. We condemn the genocides, atrocities of the past, big or small, especially if they were against our tribe, but we enjoy doing exactly the same thing even now while we are talking this issue. With Cognitive Dissonance every evil is possible!

My Normal and Paranormal Adventures

My Normal and Paranormal Adventures in Kazakhstan: Bukhari’s Ghost Dancing with a Hungry Holy Sunni Goat, Misogynistic Dogs Barking at Pigs, Russian Pyrokinesis Burning Holes in Brains and Pockets, Two Extra Letters Correcting Quranic Bismillah, Kazaks Eating Almaty’s Apple and Horse Meat…   Edip Yuksel © 19.org This is my third country report since 2008. …

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Oxford, London and Istanbul – 2008

Adventures of an Islamic Reformer at Oxford, London, and Istanbul Edip Yuksel To publicly discuss my recent book, Manifesto for Islamic Reform, I was invited to give four lectures in November 3-10, 2008. The topics were: A Manifesto for Islamic Reform, and Why Quran Alone through Reason: MECO, Oxford University, November 3. MECO, Oxford University, …

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Edip’s Semi-personal Report (Oxford 2010)

I was at Oxford University for the second conference of Critical Thinkers for Islamic Reform, June 11-13. The Oxford conference was very successful by bringing many leading critical thinkers from around the world together. The outcome for islamic reform movement will be substantial; such as, increased networking and cooperation, clarification of some theological and political issues, academic and media projects, and hopefully a conference in Mecca or Jerusalem in year 2014. After the conference, I would be visiting London, Germany, Poland, Holland, for a series of lectures, meetings and activities. I was excited for all, yet anxious at Oxford.