The Six Stages Of The Creation in The Quran

The Six Stages Of The Creation in The Quran: Evolution of the Universe and Life on Earth Arnold Yasin Mol ©2006 29:20 Say, “Travel in the earth and find out how He originated creation. And how afterward, Allah brings forth entirely new forms. Verily, Allah is the Designer of all things.” A small introduction.

Generalisation of Islam; Wilders and Islamophobia

I also challenge Wilders to put me into the witness stand! I myself have studied Islam closely for years now, and have read hundreds and hundreds of books and articles on Islam and the Qur’anic message and meanings, and work together with many famous Islam scholars and writers, this website is a testimony of my efforts. And my conclusion about Islam is: It is is diverse as any religion, and it has contributed and will contribute immensely to worldpeace and progress. May peace be on the world, and may Wilders see the difference between a person calling himself Muslim and who acts as a Muslim, a peacekeeping person.