A Day of Millon Days

A most remarkable 18 days in the history of Egypt and of the world! Millions demonstrating peacefully and spontaneously – what a feat of human heroism and determination! The 300 or so who died, killed in clashes with 30-year old entrenched Pharaonic authority, did not die in vain. They died as martyrs. The Military saluted the martyrs. The American President said, “Egypt will never be the same again.”

Fifteen Reasons Why Quran-only Islam

Islam that we should follow is the one guided strictly by the Quran’s tenets. The Hadith, the alleged second source of Islam, is unacceptable as religious guidance as it has given rise to spurious, untenable and ludicrous ideas that have corrupted practiced Islam (See: Chapters 10 and 11 of the author’s recently published book Exploring Islam in a New Light: An Understanding from the Quranic Perspective). The Quran-only Islam seeks to replace the most widely held notions of Islam that have led to sectarian divisions among Muslims, and given rise to the violence, strife, inequality and fanaticism seen so often in western portrayals of Islam. The Hadith believers think that the Quran is not sufficient or easy for us as guidance. The Quran, however, is emphatic on the points that it is detailed and self-explained (6:114; 12:111; 16:89), and straightforward, clear and sufficiently easy to follow (39:28; 43:2; 44:2, 58; 54:17, 22, 32, 40). There are at least fifteen great reasons why one should embrace and follow this Quran-only Islam: