The Constitution of the Republic of Peacemakers

With the promising development in the Middle East, which I have been praying for it since I have become a rational monotheist, I decided to embark a project. I might be dreaming and some might even laugh at me, yet I know that all major progress in the history of humanity started with a dream, occasionally of humble and obscure men. I would like to invite you to join me in this project. The project might not receive the expected attention of people in Egypt, Libya, Iran, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan, Syria, Israel, Lebanon, yet without trying it we will not know. Besides, I consider it as my duty in support of this promising transformation, and I hope that you do consider the same for yourself. We need to support the freedom fighters through our knowledge and experience. We have the privilege to know both the West and East and thus perhaps by mere “chance” we are in a better condition to appreciate the goodness and the weakness of both sides. The intention of this project is to provide spring-board or support for the intellectuals of the population in the “Middle East,” a population that have long time being oppressed and repressed by authoritarian, corrupt regimes and their imperialist masters in the West.