Year 1974: the Historic Discovery and Announcement by Rashad Khalifa

I had the cassette since Rashad’s was assassinated by al-Qaida terrorist group in Tucson Arizona in January 31st 1990. In my possession I have several audio tapes and I had listened and uploaded one of them here at this site under title “Muslim Turkey” But, somehow I never listened to the rest until the beginning of this year 2017. The one you will be able to hear now for the first time is an audio cassette with Rashad’s handriwriting on it. Written in permanent black marker on it: 1974 and in Arabic: Radio Tarabulus (Tripoli).

Divine Stone; A film by Hasan Mahmud

  Dear all, This is our deadly weapon that radical Islam cannot survive. Two years ago in the MECO conference on Oxford University London I asked your support for DIVINE STONE, my 2nd Docu-Movie on Sharia law and I was blessed by you all. I am taking the scholarship of our scholars such as Dr. …

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Halal Turkey! (Audio, 16 November 1988)

Halal Turkey I have several audio cassettes from Masjid Tucson. Twenty-plus years-old… I decided to share them with public, piece by piece before they degrade. This one is both funny and instructive. Rashad is answering a phone call at Masjid Tucson. It is a perfect example for a Socratic Dialogue. The date with Rashad’s hand …

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