Matine Yuksel Meets Noam Chomsky

In an email conversation with Noam Chomsky we talked about the interconnection of ethnicity, culture, politics, religion and world economy. I gave him the example of Chobani Yogurt, which has been very successful in the USA yogurt market. Yogurt is originally a Turkish food and the name yogurt is originally Turkish. It is owned by Kurdish people from Turkey and for political/marketing reasons it is described as Greek Yogurt to sell American consumers. Kurd-Turk-Greek-American all in one yogurt 🙂 During our conversation, I promised Chomsky to serve him Chobani Yogurt when I visit him again at MIT, Boston. Well, my younger Son Matine, who is accepted to Princeton University and other competitive colleges, traveled to Boston to visit MIT, just to compare it with Princeton to make sure that he still wants Princeton. I told him to visit Noam and deliver him a few Chobani Yogurt as my gift. Beforehand, I called Noam’s secretary to treat my son and wrote to Chomsky the following:

A resume for college

A Resume of a Hard-Working Student Edip Yüksel   My younger son Matine (b. 1994), who has been in love with learning since his pre-school years has been accepted by numerous top colleges in the USA. He chose Princeton, which offered a generous scholarship of $52000, which will cover 93% of his annual fees, …

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Educational Version of David vs Goliath

This is the first part of two videos. My son’s 15-student team at Accelerated Learning Lab (Tucson) is preparing for Arizona Science Olympiad competition, which was held in Phoenix in 3 March 2013. In these video clips you will see their rigorous preparation for the upcoming state competition in which they will compete in 26 science and engineering events against 35 other high schools with student population 100 times bigger than Accelerated Learning Lab (ALL). They won 2nd position in Arizona. (You will see the list of participating high schools, their rank and student population under the videos). This was not a regular accomplishment since the average student population of other schools is more than 1700, while ALL’s total high school enrollment is merely 17. In other words, my son’s school competed against 35 high schools with 60155 student population and won the second place. I will post the link to the second half of this video containing clips from the competition and awards ceremony. Of course, the team would not be successful without the education, training and support of ALL’s dedicated staff: I thank the headmaster Dr. David Jones, math teacher Dr. Marcus Calhoun-Lopez and the counselor Serei Kay.

Nine Points of My life

Though I am an ordinary man, the events in my life have been extraordinary. My life’s story is rich with internal and external conflicts, relentless quest for truth, courage, intellectual honesty, sacrifice, and dedication to promote peace, freedom, social democracy, and rationalism. My life story may provide a unique and precious insight how to approach the so-called “clash of civilization.” I am the child of that clash! I have a mirror in my hand for the Crusader and the Jihadi, for the West and East. I do not claim to have panacea for the problems of the world, but I have a perspective on some theo-political issues that worthy of consideration.