Jury Reaches the Verdict: We are the Guilty

We did not care much about you when you were hungry. We did not care much about you when you were cold on the street. We did not care when you were sick. In fact, your presence in our streets and parks has bothered us. We wished that you and millions like you would just disappeared into oblivion. But, now we have caught you poisoning yourself with drugs, with a pea-size crack. Now we care about you. If we are convinced by the police report and the prosecutor, the law instructs us to make you really invisible by putting you behind bars for years. When you come out you will be older, more corrupt, angrier and unemployable. We know that you will most likely spend the rest of your life in jails and prisons. At the same time, we will be creating more jobs for lawyers, judges, police officers, crime scene specialists, detectives, expert witnesses, guards, and the multi-billion dollar prison industrial complex.

The American Janus

I am content and happy, yet I am ambivalent; I am troubled about my carefree life in the USA. I am in a moral quandary. When I look around what the government of my country has been doing to the rest of the world, I see that the haven I sought refuge, the heaven I enjoy has been created at the cost of destroying other countries, at the cost of killing thousands, millions of people in “foreign” countries, and turning millions of them to widows and orphans… The honey that I am enjoying in my breakfast is made possible by the blood sucked from other people through bloody invasions or puppet regimes! The gas that I am guzzling in my SUV is made cheaper by the oil sucked from other countries filled with “ugly and scary people!”

BEWARE: Priests Are Singing Love, Again!

Edip Yüksel “When missionaries came to South Africa, we had the land, they had the Bible. Then they told us, ‘Let’s close our eyes and pray.’ When we opened our eyes we saw that we have the Bible, they have the land.” (Kenyatta, Founder of Kenya). You clergymen with the Bible in your hands, do …

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Make No Mistake: Iran is not Iraq

Edip Yuksel June 2005 The USA-Inc, Crusaders and Zionist coalition is looking for an excuse to create pretext for another war, this time against Iran. Already stuck in the mud in Afghanistan and Iraq, and already shed the blood of tens of thousands of innocent civilians, the blood-thirsty warmongers have yet to get satisfied. They …

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