Arab Conspiracies

In short, in Aidid’s Wonderland, place of worships (masaajid) vanishes to submissions (yes, plural!); timely prayers transform to timely commitments; the Sacred House Ka’ba mutates into “the ‘ankles’ the sanctioned in the system” (the ankles are literally the ankles of deer and goats!); verbs and adverbs are ignored whenever they do not conspire with Aidid against Arab Conspiracies; nouns and verbs act the same in a “fundamental” way where the meanings are freshly assigned by Aidid to justify his bizarre theories.

“How can we Observe the Sala Prayers by Following the Quran Alone?”

“How can we observe the Sala prayers by following the Quran alone?” is a favorite question among Sunni and Shiite Muslims who follow derivative texts, religious instruction, teachings and laws, all of which are written by men. With this question, both sects try to justify the necessity and proliferation of contradictory sectarian teachings, medieval Arab culture, oppressive laws filled with prohibitions and regulations–all falsely attributed to God and His prophet.