Divine Stone; A film by Hasan Mahmud



Dear all,

This is our deadly weapon that radical Islam cannot survive. Two years ago in the MECO conference on Oxford University London I asked your support for DIVINE STONE, my 2nd Docu-Movie on Sharia law and I was blessed by you all. I am taking the scholarship of our scholars such as Dr. Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na’im, Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer and Dr. Edip Yuksel to common Muslims through punching massive Islamic references into a love-story. It works magic on common Muslims.

Divine Stone




I showed it to some Muslims who believe in Sharia law as divine and their reaction exceeded my expectation. All of them were shaken from inside and are now against this man-made institution in the name of Islam.

Please post in your website and propagate it everywhere so that we can turn as many Muslims as we can against radical Islam. Needless to say Sharia law makes the backbone of radical Islam.

Please watch it not as a movie but as weapon against radical Islam.

Best, my 3rd such Docu-Movie THE SHARIA CONUNDRUM (in English) is coming up soon. Its shooting is completed in Vancouver.
Cheers !

Hasan Mahmud