Inherent Power


Inherent Power

Version 11 – 6th May 2013

Abdun Nur


 Abdun Nur - Inherent Power

Inherent power is unalienable and immutable; it is derived from the nature of your creation, and binds all in reciprocation as everything is connected. When the 99% of souls would never even consider being a solider to murder and destroy in the fictional name of liberty; when the 99% of souls would never even consider being a policeman to subjugate and extort their neighbours with corporate policy; when the 99% of soul would never even consider being a lawyer to impose upon the poor and protect the rich in the name of Vatican justice; when the 99% of souls would never even consider being a bureaucrat to regulate, license, permit or control their neighbours in the name of a fiction of govern-mental corporation; only then can a soul be truly free without challenge.

Many confuse the common law with the innate system, but common law is both positive and constructive law, so not founded on inherent power, and it is derived from imposed tradition, and given validity by use and precedent, but tradition does not make a practice valid. For example the Egyptians kept slaves for thousands of years; for centuries it was tradition to bind women’s feet in China; for two thousand years we assumed the whole universe rotated around planet earth; for two centuries we have believed that democratic politics can make corporate government serve its slaves (citizens).

All positive law models are claimed traditional practices or legislated policy, imposed upon those deemed mentally incompetent or children (through the authoring of the straw man of citizen), simply because they have been doing it for so long does not make it valid.

Our innate reciprocal conditions and natural qualities bind us all in conduct towards all around us as living souls, not the dictates of the men of power, who invent authority over others, with imposed sovereignty, which creates and inflicts positive laws, implemented through their invented fictions of government, State, or corporation.

Synchronicity through cause and effect is a foundation of nature, the coincidence of related events that are not obviously interrelated, from a result of everything being connected to everything else, if you do not understand this you may act against that nature. This means a tort against your neighbour binds you to action, as to ignore the suffering of another ripples through creation in negative waves and will impact at some point directly.

This means torts that are given full relief act synchronously in positive effect, this positive actions overwhelm negative ‘A’ symmetrically, just as in nature, darkness cannot drive out darkness, a wrong cannot rectify a wrong, evil cannot be removed by evil, hate cannot eradicate hate, the negative action cannot be the cure, an un-rectified negative act is synchronous and spreads through the reality like ripples upon a still pond, to give like for like negatively creates negative effects, positively gives positive effects, equally to return negative effects for positive gives negative and to give positive to negatives gives positive. The negative is far weaker, it is always the base state so easier to establish than the positive, but a base state is easily overwhelmed by the positive, just as light overwhelms the darkness, equity heals a wrong, altruism removes evil (excess), love eradicates hate, etc. The dichotomies of nature stand evident for all to see, yet most never look.

The true substantive innate axioms function upon the suffering of the mind; such wrongs are known as torts; if there is no mind there is no suffering and therefore no wrong to answer. This is profound and innate because only consciousness tangibly exists; everything else is perception or illusion.

For example trial by jury originated in places and times where there was no state power, centralised authority, martial oppressor, or where these forces if they did exist were violently hostile to due process and the equitable relief of a living soul from torts, but the State or imposed authority was too weak and distant to entirely suppress it. A State (nation, country, kingdom, empire etc.) is a feudal land boundary and the active prevention of tort relief is a requirement in both the initiation and implementation of the feudal model.

Juries investigated torts and determined relief for the victim, this contrasts with the positive law system of feudalism which punishes the guilty and ignores the victim, having no interest in establishing any relief on their behalf.

There is a choice, you may seek society, which is equitable manners of conduct, this has no hierarchy; or you may seek culture, which is the cult of feudalism, where masters dominate the slaves, a hierarchical system.

The feudal system is achieved simply by the removal of the ability of the victim to seek the relief of torts (wrongful acts). When others can inflict torts without accountability, then a soul cannot remain free, they must seek the strongest criminal to protect them from the weaker felons, giving all they have to retain only their life in slavery; a sworn subject in fealty; this is modern citizenship.

When souls encroach upon those around them without accountability you can be sure feudalism is in force; for example when a solider murders another in the employ of his masters; when a doctor’s wilful incompetence or neglect takes a life like a thief, when a soul is kidnapped and imprisoned that poses no danger to those around them; when usury can hold a soul in poverty, servitude, and subjugation, and those suffering such torts cannot seek relief, then you are in the cult of a feudal system, extorted, beyond the perception of relief from your masters or their agents inequitable manners of conduct.

When all resources are hoarded by a few, when the fictional ships of commerce sail upon the land without challenge; ships of ownership, kingship, citizenship, lordship, leadership,  and worship, etc.; all hardship classes of vessel for those slaves who crew them through serfdom and imposed subjugation; you can be sure feudalism is at the root.

In equitable society, tortious arbitration of all disputes to relief is the foundation that holds all souls free, only a slave needs a masters consent, given as rights granted; or the fictions of State, government, corporation or trust that dominate the feudal order, all designed to prevent tortious relief. The Monopoly of Violence

The idea of law, of actions being lawful or unlawful, or even more perversely legal or illegal, has culturally instilled emotional significance, which acts in general, contrary to our innate impulses; this generally prevents the acting out of revenge, the application of equitable reciprocation, and denies the preservation of the equanimity of the mind in exchange for the perception of defencelessness.

The power to act is subverted to the authority that holds the slave in subjugation, that master claims exclusive use of violence, the slave who acts in equitable revenge, or with the equitable reciprocation of violence must answer for their conduct. So for example if an agent of the subjugating authority acts violently against another living soul that violence has no relief, to act in reciprocation of  that violence results in escalation of violence by the imposed authority, ultimately in many cases to the murder of the slave. This transferal of the use of violence from the living soul leaves them open to further extortion through granted privilege; the subjugating authority grants privilege to legal entities to act against the individual, the community or the natural environment for their mutual advantage.

If violence were used to prevent such extortion, or to punish such conduct, then such violence would not indicate a danger to a reasonable soul, but merely a reaction to inequity or the threat or use of violence from agents of a subjugating authority.

Reciprocity- Society without hierarchy

Hierarchy originates from Greek ‘hierarchía’ meaning “the rule or power of the high priest”, and functions upon the removal of reciprocity and the creation of authority, privilege, monopoly and rank, and produces excess for a minority and comparative scarcity for the majority.

Reciprocity is the innate equity of nature, from Latin ‘reciprocus’ meaning “returning the same way, alternating”.

The principle of reciprocity is the highest good encouraging goodness and decency, creating balance and harmony. Reciprocity is a free exchange of the equivalent or balanced action between living souls or living souls and nature, conceptualised as:

Don’t take more than you need.

Give at least as much as you get.

Natural or innate inherent power of the individual can be understood as equitable principles to be applied through axioms, based upon the reasoned innate state of every living inventive, premeditating soul (inventivum anima), which dictates manners of conduct based upon ‘reciprocal’ obligations and responsibilities due to all around you. While manmade codes are regulations imposed upon you through force or the threat of force (positive law- positively enforced through force). Inherent power protects you through the application of the principles of a reciprocal obligation and responsibility binding through the innate nature of the family of living souls. While hierarchy structured in positive law, uses fear and invented authority to rob you through the imposition placed upon that inherent power, coupled with a belief they are powerless to prevent or address such impositions.

Every ‘living souls’ nature, not religion, not universal mechanics, not hedonistic philosophers, establishes the basis of the innate inherent power of the individual, which is unalienable and immutable.

What then constitutes or defines a wrong against another living soul?

A tort is a wrongful act that causes mental distress or discomfort, or tortious injury, against another through a proven intentional action.

No fiction of any sort, such as corporation, State, or government can therefore suffer a tort, as they have no mind to either suffer or inflict distress, this concept equally applies to all invented legal fictions such as trusts, corporations, the public, the country, etc.

In any equitable society nothing other than the living soul’s innate inherent power can form the universal manners of conduct, defined through the examination of torts declared freely by a living soul, the protection from torts that stand as axioms self-evident, and the execution of relief when determined in full.

So to establish an equitable society would be to establish the true innate nature within each of us. What corporate society teaches to the majority from birth, are corruptions, perversions and confusions, deviations from that innate inherent natural state, some travel so far from that natural state they can no longer recognise or understand the state they began life possessing.

Our nature is a condition of birth, as with all created reality, its nature is formed at the moment of its creation, there can be uniqueness in that nature, but all share the fundamental innate nature of like creations. For example I am an inventive, premeditating soul (inventivum anima), like all universal souls I am alive, I breathe the air, I am on the Earth shared by a vast array of life forms; that is innate. The innate nature of existence functions in many areas of life, in society, trade/exchange, manners of conduct, relationships, all have innate natures, the fact these are ignored, perverted, corrupted, or confused does not alter that state, it just means that the innate nature is not applied, unnatural order is then in forced, this is clear from the present miseries souls suffers at the hand of other souls.

An inventive living soul is social in the way that wolves and penguins are social, but not social in the way that bees are social.

The kind of society that is right for bees or ants, a eusocial (truly social) collective, or totalitarian society, is not right for any inventive living soul. In the language of socio-biology, humans are social, but not eusocial. So a social ecosystem of living souls follows from the collective innate nature that exists from birth of those souls.

To understand that innate nature, it should be examined.

As the good is that at which all things aim, the good of a ship builder is to build ships, the good of a squirrel is to be an effective, successful and functioning squirrel, the ultimate good for every living inventive, premeditating soul (inventivum anima) is happiness. It is also our nature to think, the good for inventivum anima must then consist in their functioning in a way consistent with and guided by their rational element, their reason and wisdom. Therefore whatever helps the pursuit of truth is good, whatever hinders it is bad.

It is in our nature to be social creatures, as all life is connected and interdependent, which means the altruism of one has selfish benefit; the inherent ends of the living souls nature must not do what frustrates true fulfilment from indulging vices of perception encroaching externally, but through establishing true society and therefore social harmony allowing personal growth, spiritual evolution and a fertile and fruitful environment for all life.

The innate inherent power of the individual expressed through the equitable axioms of the land are defined by Burlamaqui to be: “A rule which so necessarily agrees with the nature and state of man (every living soul) that, without observing its maxims, the peace and happiness of society can never be preserved. These are called natural laws (manners of conduct) because knowledge of them may be attained merely by the light of reason, from the fact of their essential agreeableness with the constitution of man’s (every living inventive souls) nature.”

Natural axioms of the land are structures as simple principles; therefore these principles do not require the writing down of every application of the axioms in the form of does and don’ts, as these principles are applied through reason, based upon two rules that must always be maintained.

“Reason obeys itself; Ignorance submits to what is dictated to it.” – Thomas Paine

The two rules:

a.       Do not encroach upon another.

b.      Do all you have agreed to do.

Although the term law in itself is incorrect in relation to the axioms binding all through inherent power this is another’s expression of the same concept.

“True law is right reason, consonant with nature, diffused among all men, constant, eternal…..It needs no interpreter or expounder but itself, nor will there be one law in Rome and another in Athens, one in the present and another in time to come, but one law and that eternal and immutable shall embrace all peoples and for all time and there shall be as it were one common master and ruler, the God of all, the author and judge and proposer of this law.” (C.H.McIlwain, The Growth of Political Thought in the west (New York Mac-millian, 1932)pp.111-12, quoting from the De republica)

The axioms are, but not limited to:

  • NO authority can compel; equitable innate inherent power expressed as axioms can only protect. If the manner of conduct of any court does not protect me as a victim or deal equitably with me as one who has been blamed, the conduct of that court does not apply to me. In other words, if there is no victim, one tangible and of substance, there is no wrong to answer, you cannot wrong a legal fiction of public, State, or imposed sovereign parasite.
  • The inherent power of a duty of care is incumbent upon every living soul through a reciprocal obligation and responsibility to those around them.
  • All living souls in sight of the axioms of the land are created equal in dignity, privilege, benefit, nobility, value; and vary only in knowledge and skills.
  • The Protection of the axioms of the land is such as you cannot promise, contract, or make agreement to bind yourself or any other into slavery. Human Slavery – The state of subjugation and control held upon you, of a master owning the fruits of your severe toils, and drudgery in exchange for the ‘benefits’ you receive from your disadvantage. Slavery is a relation founded in force, not in equity, existing, where it does, by force of legal codes (positive law).
  • There is no collective right or rights at all, only individual reciprocal obligations and responsibilities. As there is no superior to grant rights upon an inferior, only a slave has rights, a free living soul needs no rights, they have the innate inherent power each is born with, which demands by the innate nature of “Animas-kind” the family of the living soul’s manners of conduct through reciprocal obligations and responsibilities.
  • Force is ‘just’ to defend ourselves or the weak that are encroached upon, only the initiation of force is prohibited.
  • A wrong does not excuse a wrong.
  • No one is bound to betray themselves. Therefore they have a choice to remain silent.
  • Upon the plaintiff (the complainer) rests the proving
  • Any accused is permitted to face his accuser without fear (No one else can represent you in a court unless you are mentally incompetent or incapacitated or a child).
  • Every living inventive, premeditating soul (inventivum anima) has a natural exclusive possession of their own body; and every living soul has a natural reciprocal choice to freely determine their own destiny.
  • Equity always regards the intention, as the basis of the truth of every action.
  • You can only ‘own’ what you create yourself. (Allodial utilisation)
  • Animals need only one right: the right not to be property.
  • No living inventive, premeditating soul (inventivum anima) is compelled to sell their own resources.
  • Where equity is equal, the equity will prevail equally. (Arbitration of dispute will provide no specific relief where the parties are found equal, or where neither has been wronged.)
  • An agreement must be witnessed to be binding, and written to be detailed.
  • You can only form agreement with other tangible living inventive, premeditating souls (inventivum animas).
  • You have an unlimited ability to form agreement.
  • No living inventive, premeditating soul (inventivum anima) ought to enrich themselves at the expense of (meaning to the detriment of) others.