Is the Creature Prophecized in 27:82 Computer?

Edip Yüksel

“At the right time, we will produce for them a creature (dabbah) from earthly materials, communicating to people that they are not certain about our miracles/signs/revelations (ayaat).” (27:82).

Those who have witnessed the mathematical system of the Quran based on code 19 (74:30-37) usually tend to understand this verse to be a prophecy about computers, since Rashad Khalifa discovered this great miracle by using a computer. The computer communicated or declared the world the secret of the Quran, which was designed to be a miracle for believers and a test for hypocrites and disbelievers. Indeed, after this declaration many so-called Muslims aggressively denied the existence of such a phenomenon, the prophecy of Chapter 74 and many of the implications and explanations came afterwards.

In Sunni and Shiite liturgy there are bizarre stories about this prophecy. According to hadiths, this creature will appear before the end of the world from underneath the earth.  If we combine the  various descriptions provided by hadiths about this creature (dabbah), it as an animal with goat horns, pig eyes, cow head, elephant ears, ostrich neck, lion mare, leopard color, ram tail, cat flank. It will have four legs and they will cover the entire Arabian peninsula. The distance between its front legs and tail will be 13 000 kilometers, its width 4.444 kilometers, and its height will be 12.000 kilometers, reaching to troposphere! This animal, according to traditions will talk to people.

Those who believe in these stories or those who do not believe in those stories but are influenced by them have hard time in understanding the real meaning and prophecy of 27:88.

The following argument is about our translation and understanding of verse 27:82:


10 July 2000


Dear Brother Edip and all 19ers.

The dabba in [27: 82] emanates, grows out and comes out from underneath the surface of the earth with God’s will.

Look out the word [akhradj-NA] [lahum/lakum] [minal ardhi]. verify 2:267 and 36:33.  The product is LIVING. This dabba is ALIVE, MOVING and this one is exceptionally TALKING and CONVINCING ALL THE WORLDS once and for ever. When this dabba is here NO ONE has DOUBTS anymore, not a SINGLE one. Is there still DOUBT? ask this lists.

Before we try to identify the NATURE of the dabba, let us try to identify its ROLE, its PURPOSE. Isn’t [YU-QINOON] the key word. Isn’t the dabba a proof/sign beyond all proofs/signs? Why are we still DOUBTING this finally unveiled dabba [the computer]. Isn’t the purpose defeated at birth?

God DELIBERATELY used [akhraj-na] and not KHALAQ-NA. After you have reflected on the above,  this is a subject for us, for you and for all your colleagues, experts and students especially the ones at Harvard and elsewhere to discuss. [Wal-3ilmu Lillah and never to Harvard]


EDIP YUKSEL: I do not know the real identity of the author of this mail since the signature belongs to Mounir, the e-mail address once read Ben Lahouel and another time Abdallah Abdulmalik. Similar criticism was also raised by others, for instance, Zlatan. Before answering their criticism, I would like to clarify that I am not a 19’er and I do not know any sober person claiming to be a 19’er. It is a derogative label used by those who have problems in understanding the mathematical structure of the Quran based on code 19 for those who understand and appreciate it.

Here are my answers to the main points of the criticism on this subject. The claims of the opponents are written in capital letters followed by my answers.

DABBAH COMES OUT FROM UNDERNEATH THE EARTH: Unlike the creatures made of water (24:45), “dabbetun minal ard” (27:82-84) is produced from earthly elements. After the discovery of the code and from the context of this verse, this creature (dabbah) can be understood as reference to computer. In traditional books there are many bizarre description of this prophesied creature. Despite he Quran’s positive depiction of the earth-based creature, hadith books contain all negative descriptions.
It is true that the verse uses the word “aKhRaJa” (grow, produce, bring about, bring out, evict), not “aKhLaQa” (create, shape).

Though the word KhaRaJa is usually used to mean “grow” plants and trees, but it is also used to express actions of transformation and innovation. For instance, the verb KhaRaJa is used to describe the transformation from death to life  (30:19) or transformation from infancy to youth and adulthood (40:76) or the production of a statute of calf by the Samarian (20:88).

DABBAH WILL BE ALIVE, MOVING: I agree that the meaning of (dabbah) is something on the earth which means able to move (yadibbu) . Are snakes or fish dabbah? According to the Quran they are. Is flame a “dabba”? Well, the answer is not as easy as it first appear? (Please reflect on the universal necessary characteristics of ‘living beings,’ if you can find any.) Do computers move? Yes, computers have moving parts, such as disks and it functions by manipulating the flow (movement) of electrons. Computers, with their operating systems and softwares are analogous to living creatures. In fact, in a few decades the line between a child and a human being will be blurred further. If by “moving” you visualize moving body parts, then reflect on robots, that is, computers with moving external organs that interact with its environment. In fact, we humans are just complex computers with operating systems (DNA) and application programs and storage/memory chips and disks embedded in our brains.

DABBAH WILL BE TALKING: The word KaLaMa does not necessarily mean talking with lips and tongues. KaLaMa means to communicate (see: the exception in 3:41; 36:65; 42:51). Computers can communicate much better than some people and most animals living on this planet. If you are really adamant to restrict the meaning of KaLaMa with voice, still no problem. There are already computer programs that speaks to the user and understand verbal commands.

DABBAH WILL CONVINCE ALL THE WORLDS WITH NO DOUBT: The verse about the curious dabbah made of earthly materials (27:82) does not have such a claim. It does not claim that everyone will believe after the dabbah communicates the message.

DABBEH WILL APPEAR AFTER J. DAY: This claim is not shared by majority of those who oppose code 19, however, it was raised by an opponent and we will briefly deal with it. The expression “WaQa’A al-QaWLu ‘ALaYHeM” means when the “word comes to pass against them.”  The Quran has many promises and challenges. Restricting this promise to the day of Judgment has no basis. The Quran are filled with prophecies about the miracle and secrets of the Quran to be unveiled in the future (10:20; 25:4-6; 41:53; 29:50:51 and 10:39). Furthermore, there is no meaning a miraculously speaking animal to force people to believe in God’s revelation, when everyone is already resurrected in the Day of Judgment and has already witnessed the greatest divine promise of all.