Why Israel Receive such Global Attention


Why Does Israel Receive Such
Global Attention for its Attrocities?


EDIP YUKSEL: The New York Times columnist pulls the tail of the Zionist sacred bull… It is shame that no US president dares to criticize Israeli atrocities, terror, and crimes against humanity.


OBJECTION: “Yes, Israel does, but the world has double standards concerning the Middle East:

http://www.independent.ie/opinion/columnists/kevin-myers/kevin-myers-how-can-dogooders-possibly-think-that-gaza-is-the-primary-centre-of-injustice-in-middle-east-2804748.html “

EDIP: Brother, here is why Israel’s occupation and atrocities invoke such a strong reaction around the world:

1. LENGTH OF TIME: The Jewish aggression in Palestine, starting with smuggling weapons and terrorizing Palestinian farmers through Zionist terrorist organizations such as Irgun, Hagana, Lehi has been about 100 years. That makes it the longest unresolved conflict in modern history.

2. NUMBER OF PEOPLE/COUNTRIES: Almost all the neighboring countries, especially Lebanon, have suffered from Israeli aggression. The war of 1967 was not initiated by Arabs as the Zionist propaganda machine wants us to believe, but it was a “preemptive strike” chosen by Israel.

3. DAVID VERSUS GOLIATH: There is a huge disparity between the military powers of parties. Israel is the world’s top military power. It has sophisticated weapons such as tanks, jets, drones, and weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear missiles. The people who are subjugated by Israel have nothing except little guns, primitive rockets that even thousands of them unable to kill a single Israeli, and rocks, yes rocks! Have you seen the Palestinian children with rocks in their hands against Israeli tanks? Look at those pictures and tell me who the David is and who the Goliath is!

4. DIVERSITY OF OPPRESSION: Palestinians have been subjected to massacres, banishment, torture, kidnapping, imprisonment, check-point harassment, racial discrimination, destruction of their homes and farms, confiscation of their lands, assassination, covert operations, poisoning, and all the rest.

5. SUPPORT OF THE WORLD POWERS: Israel has been supported unconditionally by the USA and the UK and thus has gotten away with every crime against humanity. Dozens of the United Nations condemnation and sanctions against Israel are vetoed by the world’s super power, which is the biggest arms manufacturer and dealer in the world and the world’s biggest terrorist that have invaded dozens of countries, killed millions of people around the world! BTW; Israel was the number one supporter of the racist South African government before the revolution led by Mandela!

6. DIVERSITY OF DISCRIMINATION: Pals are subjugated, killed, and imprisoned in concentration camps for both their race AND religion by a military state. This double discrimination and subordination increases the suffering dramatically. Palestinian Children witnessing their parents being insulted, harassed, beaten and occasionally kidnapped by the occupying gestapo are traumatized daily.

7. ECONOMIC SUFFOCATION: Pals cannot import or export goods and all their economic and financial activities are controlled and impeded by the occupying illegal Israeli blockade.

8. GLOBAL ZIONIST HEGEMONY: Zionists have infected the financial and political system in the many countries. The United States is no more a democracy nor a republic, since the members of its congress and presidents follow the instructions of AIPAC and other Israeli lobbies. The media too has been infected by the Zionist gangs and the bloody bully is depicted as victim and the powerless victim as the terrorist! Thus, there is a backlash of conscious and sense of justice against this global cancer.

9. BETRAYING THE NAMESAKE: Israel or Jacob, the son of Abraham, was a prophet with model sense of justice and peace. A nation using its name should live by Israel’s principles. Yet, the state of Israel has been betraying the Abrahamic system, which is Peace, and thus creates great disappointment. Besides, it betrays the memories of the victims of one of history’s greatest tragedies, the Holocaust. Those who claims to be the children or kins of those victims have unfortunately have become looking like the Nazis. So, there is double betrayal. Betrayal to recent history and betrayal of ancient history of their ancestors.

10. SEE THE DOCUFILM: OCCUPATION 101 and VISIT http://ifamericansknew.org/

So, my brother, before wondering about why the world is fed-up with the Zionist cancer, you should reflect on ALL OF THESE FACTORS before asking your question.