Make No Mistake: Iran is not Iraq

Edip Yuksel

June 2005

The USA-Inc, Crusaders and Zionist coalition is looking for an excuse to create pretext for another war, this time against Iran. Already stuck in the mud in Afghanistan and Iraq, and already shed the blood of tens of thousands of innocent civilians, the blood-thirsty warmongers have yet to get satisfied. They have bankrupted American treasury and they care less about American people; all they care is special interest groups, especially weapon and oil industry and the interest of fascist Zionists.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am no fan of mullahs! I consider them corrupt, aloof, and a bunch of leaches and scorpions with turbans and beards. But, we should not forget that it was the American policy of supporting a cruel and corrupt tyrant there that turned people to revolutionaries, and the only alternative was Khumaini and his well organized gang of clergymen. Khumaini and his propaganda machine fooled the vulnarable Iranian people with promises of justice, freedom and progress. However, soon people learned that it was just another TAQIYYA, the Shiite version of Holy Hypocrisy. Within two years, mullahs systematically eliminated the educated and bright progressive revolutionaries. Many Iranian freedom fighters were executed, tortured, assassinated and many were forced to flee their country. Had America not interfered into the domestic policy of Iran, had the America not supported a tyrant forcing people to rush into a savior, Iran would most likely now be a free and prosperous country.

The brutal and destructive war waged by the USA-Inc, Crusader and Zionist coalition in the Middle East strengthened the hardliners in Iran. The Iranian people now fulfilled the Turkish proverb, “the drowning man hugs a snake to save his life.” I highly suspect that this was exactly what the USA-Inc, Crusader and Zionist alliance wished for. They can now easily muddy the water and create superficial tension between the two nations. Jingoists, flgworshipers, Muhammad, Ali or Jesus-worshipers on both sides are ready to be hypnotized to shed the blood of their evil enemies!

Bush and his administration are now trying to dig into the past of the newly elected Iranian president-elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Was he among the university students who took the American diplomats and spies hostage? The spies and diplomats who supported a torturer, an oppressor, a corrupt Shah! America never apologized for overthrowing a democratically elected non-theocratic Iranian government and its leader Musaddeq in 1950’s. USA-Inc used the revolution as an excuse to steal Iran’s billions of dollars and has yet to return them!

If the allegation is true, then Ahmadinejad was doing what any reasonable young patriotic person would do: interrogating the allies and supporters of a cruel and irresponsible monarchy that cared siphoned his country’s natural resources to the West and worked for the interests of the USA and Israel rather than the interest of  the people inhabiting the land. Iranian students who participated in the revolution of 1979 did not commit a fraction of attrocities committed by the USA-Inc agents against the prisoners captured from poor countries. The Evangelical-Zionist coalition currently in power in America has turned many islands and navy ships to torture centers and they have invented a diabolic scheeme called “offshore interrogation.” America that once led the establishment of the United Nations and promotion of Human Rights, now is a superpower that has turned torture to an international enterprise and high tech affair.  Yes, American spies were not tortured nor sexually abused during their imprisonment in early days of the revolution. They were released like heroes after 444 days. Meanwhile the revolutionary students put together the shredded thousands of pages of espionage documents and unveiled the massive Western network of Trojan horses and leaches in their country. Ironically, the times when Ahmadinejad was a political activist, the guy who is now the president of the USA, was a cocaine snorting, drunk driving, AWOL, fraternity boy!

IRAN is no IRAQ. A war with Iran might turn the United States itself to a battleground. Iran has historically a very effective spying network around the world and they have something that Saddam did not have: Millions to blow themselves on Americans wherever they see.

The only way America can win a war against Iran is to nuke the entire country and kill millions of Iranians and put those outside of Iran in concentration camps. I do not know whether the USA has sufficient supply of rapture-freak Christians and Zionists who could drink and digest the blood of all those civilians. Looking back at the atrocities committed during the World War II, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam, Philippine, Korea, Nicaragua, Palestine, Labenon, Iraq, etc, I am not so sure.

Never underestimate the appetite of Evangelical Christians for blood: they exercise the drink of blood in their churches every Sunday. Yes, it is a symbolic and pervert act; but all real acts start with symbolic rituals or exercises.