A resume for college


A Resume of a Hard-Working Student

Edip Yüksel

Matine and his older brother in 2006

Matine and his older brother in 2006


My younger son Matine (b. 1994), who has been in love with learning since his pre-school years has been accepted by numerous top colleges in the USA. He chose Princeton, which offered a generous scholarship of $52000, which will cover 93% of his annual fees, boarding and other expenses. Princeton shares the number one position together with Harvard among the top universities in the USA. I pray that Matine will use this opportunity to contribute to the well-being of the oppressed and suppressed, the poor and weak after his graduation.


Matine Yuksel

[Address deleted]



AP: Junior year I became a National AP Scholar


  • AP Calculus BC: 5
  • AP Calculus AB: 5
  • AP US Government: 5
  • AP English Language and Composition: 5
  • AP European History: 4
  • AP Comparative Government: 4
  • AP Psychology: 4
  • AP Statistics: 4
  • AP Physics: 4
  • AP Chemistry: 4

Before high school:

  • AP US History: 3
  • AP Studio Art 2D: 3
  • AP Chinese Language and Culture: 3


GPA: 4.0




Science Olympiad

  • I have participated in Science Olympiad competition since 6th grade. I have received numerous awards in various categories statewide. See the AWARDS below.

Foreign Affairs:

  • Visited China as a foreign exchange student three times.

Cognitive Learning Project (CLP): My Senior Project

  • Past 3 times I have taught English to Chinese students.
  • Used the latest Cognitive Science methods to teach these students English
  • We are posting all of our edited videos on the school website, http://www.allgrades.com/secondary/projects/clp/, in an attempt to demonstrate these concepts.

Books for Africa

  • I am currently volunteering for an organization led by Prof. Leslye Obiora (Professor of Law at the University of Arizona who served as the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development, Federal Government of Nigeria, 2006 – 2007). I categorized the donated books and prepared them for shipment to Nigeria.

Trial Court Experience (10th grade):

  • I was appointed by school administrators to defend a student accused of plagiarism, and my defense changed the mind of the jury in favor of acquitting her of all chargers.

Student Council:

  • Held various offices throughout schooling
  • But this year (senior year) I was elected President.

National Honor Society:

  • I have been participating since 6th grade (I was in National Junior Honor Society before high school)
  • As a member, I volunteered at various homeless shelters


  • I have been tutoring my classmates and students in lower grades since I was in 5th grade. My accomplishment made the evening news at KOLD Channel 13 (A CBS-affiliate channel in Arizona) under the title: Tucson Fifth-Grader Tackling College Courses.

College Course:

  • I took and passed an English Composition class at Pima College while I was in 7th grade.


  • I played 9 years of club soccer before high school.
  • Then played a variety of hobby sports throughout high school: predominantly Ultimate Frisbee.
  • Charter member of the Ultimate Frisbee Club


  • Took lessons at a music center since middle school, but now I learn on my own.


  • Referee: I worked as a soccer referee for NYS soccer while I was in middle school
  • Pizza Maker: I have been working at Magpies Gourmet Pizza for almost two years now. I am considered a model employee.


Advanced Placement Awards:

  • 2012 AP National Scholar Award
  • 2011 AP Scholar With Distinction Award
  • 2010 AP Scholar With Honor Award
  • 2009 AP Scholar (8th grade)

Science Olympiad (since 6th grade):

  • 2012
    • Fermi Questions (Silver/2nd)
    • Thermodynamics (Gold/1st)
    • Robot Arm (Coached younger team to Gold/1st)
    • Mission Possible (Coached younger team to Silver/ 2nd)
    • Thermodynamics (Coached younger team to Silver/ 2nd)
    • 2011
      • Mission Possible (Gold/1st )
      • Fossils (4th) ( Coached to 1st)
      • 2010
        • It’s About Time (Gold/1st)
      • 2009
        • Electric Car (1st)