A Warning and Invitation to Muslim Women!


A Warning and Invitation to Muslim Women!

Edip Yuksel
19 January 2011


Dear sisters:

As the daughters, sisters, spouses, aunts and mothers of the so-called Muslim population that brags to be more than a billion, I salute you with greetings of peace and respect, and expect you to take this warning seriously.

You have a critical mission. Your decision to declare your intellectual freedom might in turn rescue the so-called Muslim population from the numerous miseries and diseases that have inflicted them since they betrayed reason and the progressive message of the Quran several centuries after its revelation. As it seems, your men will not be able to change the situation. They are unhappy, angry, clueless, and stuck in their own hell of ignorance and arrogance. I know that a great majority of you are unhappy with your men and with yourself. I invite you to take the challenge. I invite you to think critically and then act accordingly.

You would be betraying your God, His messengers, yourself, your children and your society, if you continue following the lies falsely attributed to Muhammad and his companions under the title of “Holy Hadith” or “Authentic Hadith”.

How can you follow the diabolic teachings of those books? Those books consider you equal to dogs, donkeys and pigs; fill the Hell of their imagination with your gender, expect you to do even more after licking your husband’s body even if it were covered with pus; befits you slavery to your husband after God; insulting your honor and integrity by rejecting you from participation in social and political life by labeling you “deficient of reason and religion”; handicap you for life and deprive you from God-given identity by burying you alive in black sacks; instructing your husband beat when you do not obey their capricious demands or when they feel jealous; inspiring your males with a prophet who was a super-sexy superman and who had sexual intercourse with nine wives in one night; deeming you or your daughter to be fit to become the wife of a 54 year-old man while she is only a 9 or 13 years-old girl; yes, how long will you continue following those books that are fabricated centuries after the revelation of the Quran? How long you will sacrifice your worldly and eternal lives for these satanic teachings?

You should also beware of the other extreme, and not become a slave of the capitalistic system, which exploits women by reducing them to sex objects. Modern corporations and their media (movies, advertisement, songs, reality shows, magazines, websites) are very skilled in turning women to perpetual consumers of their wasteful enterprise, to their junk called fashion. Some women in modernized societies that are inflicted with the curse of consumerism, greed and skin-worship, suffer in many ways. They walk in pain on high-heeled ridiculous shoes, in order to be as tall as man.  They undergo multiple cosmetic surgeries and place toxic rubber under their skin, to fit the fabricated role models. Many are forced to compete with men outside in the jungle and are put under great stress to attain their natural goal to have children and be respected mothers in their homes.

Please check this site and download/read the Manifesto for Islamic Reform, which has been also published as a book by Brainbow Press.

In that book, you will see an extensive comparison between the so-called authentic hadiths and the verses of the Quran. I would like to learn whether you are still going to continue following the collections of lies and fabrications as a source of your religion.  Of course, if you react reflexively without even reading the Manifesto, then I would too not read your responses and ignore them.

After reading the Manifesto, I invite you to answer the 45 multi-choice questions titled, Theometer or Sectometer. Those questions will help you to assess your progress in the light of reason.

Do not be scared of using your mind, your critical thinking skills. Your intellect is the greatest blessing of your Creator. Those who would like to deprive you from such a gift are devils, be it the invisible or visible ones. In order to free yourself from the diabolic hypnosis you must decide to use your mind. A religion or teaching without mind and reason is the religion and teaching of satan. Please take your time and see the following verses if you wish to support these common sense facts with the Reminder. 17:36; 10:100; 39:17-18; 41:53; 42:21; 6:114-116; 10:36; 12:111; 20:114; 21:7; 35:28; 38:29 and 25:30.

Do not be afraid. You have to decide to change the direction of your fate. You owe it to yourself, to your mother, to your sister, and to your children. Start to question the religious or sectarian dogmas you have inherited from your parents. You will see that they will crumble even with the softest touch of the light of reason and facts. After you break the lock of the cage of ignorance, you will be astonished how you could stay in that dungeon for so long. Accept the truth my sister, so that the truth will set you and your family free!