Time Travel and Naked Reality


Time Travel and Naked Reality
This Documentary is NOT Funny!

Edip Yuksel
9 Nov. 2012


I met myself and my family in a different time zone, in stone age. I had a time travel. The documentary, written, produced and directed by Jean-Pierre Dutilleux,  film is one of the most inspirational films I have ever watched. It made me cry from the beginning to the end.

In awe and with deeper appreciation of our basic and common nature; our conflicting tendencies; our strength and weaknesses, our fears and aspirations; our dogmas and curiosity, our kindness and cruelty, our love and hatred, our myths and reality…

This monumental and historic encounter which is fittingly described as “Isolated tribe man meets modern tribe man for the first time” is eye-opening, especially about the world we have created. Tough it has been criticized for not been exactly the authentic first encounter it does not change the realism of the encounter. It opens a window of self-evaluation from the jungle about the benefits and harms of the modern technology that both serves us and enslaves us, that gives us joy and pain that feeds us and destroys us, that cures us and poisons us; together with the little planet we share.

This is about the incredible lessons we learn by meeting other cultures in peace and trying to learn from each other, rather than fighting and dominating each other. Throughout watching this documentary, I remembered the Quranic verse 49:13 and I got deeper appreciation of its message. Even though divided by thousands of years in terms of culture, knowledge and technology, we are so much alike.

49:13    “O people, We created you from a male and female, and We made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Surely, the most honorable among you in the sight of God is the most righteous. God is Knowledgeable, Ever-aware.”

Just watch the mother feeding her baby, the father struggling to find food for his family. Just look in the eye of the caveman and see the entire humanity. It is time to learn to extend our right hand to others. Enough of being manipulated by warmongers among us. Let’s not let our plastic toys and gadgets, our monstrous weapons and arrogance, our intoxicated politicians and clergymen alienate us from the naked reality: we are all children of Adam and we must spend more effort to promote peace, love and care on this shrinking planet.

PS: Out there is a rumor claiming the docu-film to be “fake.” But after reading them, I find their claims to be hyperbole if not completely false.  Even if it is a fiction, it is one of the most realistic fictions with super-talented actors.