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Arizona (and the world) must add Critical Thinking classes to the curriculum of K-12 schools

Matine Yuksel

(A critical thinker 11th grade student at Accelerated Learning Lab, Tucson, Arizona) 


It is a travesty that our educational system is filling the minds of youngsters with plenty of data without training them how to process them properly. Individuals and societies suffer greatly from logical fallacies that invite harmful choices, superstitions, bigotry, extremism, and manipulative propaganda. Critical reasoning skills empower individuals and societies to make better decisions in their financial, political, social and personal choices.

Arizona lawmakers should add Critical Thinking classes to the curriculum of K-12 schools, and amend the Arizona Revised Statutes, ARS Title 15, by adding “Philosophy and Critical Thinking” after the words “Reading, Writing” or “Reading, Language Arts,” wherever they are mentioned.

“Much learning does not teach understanding.” — Heraclitus

“Anyone who has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to make you commit injustices.” — Voltaire

“We should not turn our brains into trashcans of false ideas, holy viruses, unexamined dogmas and superstitions, which usually use Trojan Horses to invade and conquer our castle, that is brain! We should be wise!” — Edip Yuksel