Year 1974: the Historic Discovery and Announcement by Rashad Khalifa


A great historical document. First time,
43 years after its broadcast and recording at Radio Tarabulus (Tripoli)

In January 1974,
Dr. Rashad Khalifa made one of the greatest discoveries in human history

Year 1974, the Discovery of
Code 19 hidden in chapter 74 of the Quran,
19×74 lunar years after its revelation and
it is announced in Arabic through this radio station in Libya.

I had the cassette since Rashad’s was assassinated by al-Qaida terrorist group in Tucson Arizona in January 31st 1990. In my possession I have several audio tapes and I had listened and uploaded one of them here at this site under title “Muslim Turkey” But, somehow I never listened to the rest until the beginning of this year 2017. The one you will be able to hear now for the first time is an audio cassette with Rashad’s handriwriting on it. Written in permanent black marker on it: 1974 and in Arabic: Icaz ul-Quran, Radio Tarabulus (Tripoli).


Audio Recording of Dr Rashad Khalifa dated and titled by him