Robert Spencer and other Bloody Warmongers


Years ago, I Warned against
Robert Spencer and other Bloody Warmongers

Edip Yuksel

In April 2008, I had extensive debates in two symposiums organized by the Frontpage Magazine with a group of Zionists and wrong-wing Evangelical authors who have been calling for invasions and destruction of Muslim lands. One of the hatemongers that defended the new Crusades was Robert Spencer. I published those lengthy but very important and relevant debates in my 2009 book, Peacemaker’s Guide to Warmongers: Exposing Robert Spencer, Osama bin Laden, David Horowitz, Mullah Omar, Bill Warner, Ali Sina and other enemies of Peace (Brainbow Press).

Now the world learned that Robert Spencer was the major source of inspiration for Anders Behring Breivik, the “Christian Terrorist” who recently massacred dozens of children in Norway.  No surprise. In order to justify and promote another Holocaust, this time against Muslims, Robert Spencer was employing every tools and tricks of propaganda.

He distorted facts; he blamed the 99.9 percent of Muslims for the violence committed the few. He ignored the invasions, massacres, atrocities, torture, and terrorism committed by his favored states and their support of tyrannical regimes in the Middle East and beyond. He defended the aggression and oppression of the fascist Zionist regime against Palestinians. In sum, he had an incredible thirst for the blood of Muslims.

The following paragraphs are from the introduction of the book:

I have written more than 20 books in Turkish and English, and this is a book with the longest and ugliest title I have ever written. Without the names in the subtitle and the following list, the world would be a much better world. Of course, many would claim the same thing about my name too, since I have offended the religious and political sensitivities of millions, if not billions.

However, the people, organizations and corporations in my incomplete and casually compiled list have the following common characteristics: they directly or indirectly support or promote violence, aggression, occupations, and wars. We need to act and become catalysts for reform in ourselves and in the political system of our countries, before the religious and nationalist zealots of all colors and creeds hurl humanity towards an irreversible course of self-destruction.

There are many evil forces, both in the east and west, which work to inflame animosities and provoke another major calamities. They will not hesitate to engage in covert operations in order to incite hatred and atrocities.

On the other hand, there are bystanders which make up the majorities of people in every country. Yet they can easily be manipulated by warmongering politicians, media, religious leaders and war-profiteering corporations to cheer for bloody wars and atrocities. If they are scared by politicians and provocateurs, they would support every bloody conflict without hesitation, as they did when Hitler or Stalin incited them.

The same people and the same Hitler and Stalin are still alive among us. They just come in different colors and shapes, but they think (well, more accurately, they feel) and behave exactly the same. Therefore, it is no surprise to see incarnations of Hitlers and Nazis on the one hand condemning the Holocaust and on the other hand treating other people exactly like Hitler and Nazis did in the past.

If these gentlemen men have the right to depict Muhammad to be an evil guy and his supporters being as evil or duped, then I should also have the right to expose their so-called scholarly work, which is merely based on hearsay books and distortion and contortion of the Quranic verses by the followers of those hearsay stories. For instance, brother Spencer generously uses the hearsay stories fabricated centuries after Muhammad’s life to assassinate Muhammad’s character, while he knows well that according to the same sources which he trusts, Muhammad reportedly split the Moon causing half of it to fall in Ali’s backyard, or Muhammad reportedly made trees walk, Muhammad ascended to the seventh heaven with his body, and many other stories. Scholarly integrity requires consistency and honesty in using sources in evaluating a historic personality. But, your gentlemen crusaders pick and choose from those books as they wish. They take advantage of the crazy noises created by Jingoists, Crusaders and Jihadists, and hideously try to justify a bloody imperial Crusade with its resurrected Spanish Inquisition mentality against Muslims. I consider the work of these gentlemen a dishonest or ignorant attack against one of the most progressive and peaceful leaders in human history.”

This is a modified quote from my debate with the most rabid Crusaders, Robert Spencer, Bill Warner, and other allies of the notorious torture-promoter Zionist David Horowitz. I later regretted using kind words to describe them. It was they who first reminded me of my naiveté; they were disturbed by my use of the word “brother” to depict them. In retrospect, I know that I was naïve to consider them “gentlemen” or “brother,” as they were a troop of bloodthirsty warmongers with clandestine missions and connections. All they were after was the promotion of a new Crusade through their depictions of all Muslims as threats to civilization (read: Christian hegemony and imperialism!).

Bill Warner is a rabid enemy of peace. In a recent article published at his website under the title Losing Israel, he criticized Israeli Zionists for not fabricating enough propaganda! Israel, doesn’t fabricate enough propaganda?! It is like criticizing of a braying donkey for not making a louder noise, or Fox News for not hiring enough rightwing demagogues, or a serial killer for not killing more! Towards the end of the article, Bill ensures his place in the short list of warmongers:

“Now, which one of the two maintains a stronger position — peace or victory? Today Israel desires peace and the Palestinians insist on victory. Guess who wins? Peace is for losers. Regrettably, Israelis and American Jews are choosing to be the losers. The consequences however are too dire; ultimately, Israel may get their peace, but it may be the peace after jihad’s victory.”

Ironically, in the very article asking Israel to construct more propaganda, a coded way of asking for production of more lies, Bill Warner demonstrates his skills by subliminally peddling the loudest Zionist propaganda in the century: “Israel desires peace…” Perhaps, the main purpose of the article was to sneak in this bloody lie while diverting the attention of his readers. We may never know. But we know that his readers congratulated him for discovering the formula for victory: No peace! One of his readers commented, “I, for one, will no longer utter the word Shalom (peace) when hailing or farewelling Jews. Rather, I will say Netzah (victory). Who will join me?!”

The fascist propaganda machine is working: it is turning peace into an ugly word and it is making his bigoted and fanatic followers salivate for victory without peace. Robert Spencer is another member of this bloody cabal. He is one of the most active Crusaders and he has authored a few best-selling propaganda books to justify genocide against Muslims, such as: The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran, The Truth About Muhammad: Founder of the World’s Most Intolerant Religion, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (And the Crusades), and Religion of Peace?: Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn’t.

Of course, the Horowitzs, Spencers and Bills of the world have a right and even a duty to criticize religious teachings and practices they deem harmful. I too have written numerous books exposing the problems with Sunni, Shiite, Jewish and Christian religions. But their agenda is much beyond an intellectual combat; it is ugly, devious, hypocritical, and bloody. Modern Crusaders do not directly fight as they used to in medieval times.

They now sing peace in their churches while voting for warmongers and promoting militarism. Instead of quoting verses from their holy books that instructs its adherents to burn and stone infidels, destroy cities and kill every living being including babies, they now use modern secular propaganda filled with euphemism and doubletalk. They do not hesitate to establish coalitions with nationalists, capitalists, or Zionists.

They have mutated with time and learned how to use secular governments and their militaries as proxy warriors for their bloody crusades. In fact, nothing has changed much: the king and the pope are toasting blood and these stooges are their public relation knights and bishops![1]

Thank God there are reasonable and progressive people who promote peace and stand against the destructive attitudes and actions. For instance, there are numerous religious or non-religious pro-peace organizations in the West such as, Unitarian Universalists, Jehovah Witnesses, Quakers, Jews for Peace, Muslims for Peace Justice and Progress, Progressive Muslims, and Code Pink, just to name a few. They are brave and resolute activists for peace. I compiled the following list of U.S.-based peace organizations: …

For the Peacemaker’s Guide to Warmongers:, Barry Lando, Mounting Anti-Semitism in Europe,


[1]        As of July 2011, the Iraqi Death Estimator at estimates 1,455,590 Iraqi deaths due to U.S.-led invasion, which deliberately started a civil war between the Shiite and Sunni Iraqis in order to crush the popular uprising against its brutal invasion, massacres, plundering, rape and torture. This is only Iraq! For the list of other atrocities and war crimes perpetrated by the West and Church see the article From Wounded Knee To Iraq: a Century Of U.S. Military Interventions.