Sam Gerrans and Code 19


Code 19 with Sam Gerrans

Edip Yüksel
25 January 2017

EDİP: Fantastic presentation. Great effort and work. But at the same time: Speculative, arbitrary, inconsistent and complicated. And it is not falsifiable. On the other hand, code 19 is factual, mathematical, consistent and simple to understand. For instance, the frequency of the letters/numbers K20H5Y10A’70SS90 in the chapter 19 is exactly 798, that is 19×42. But, when I have more time, I will study your work more carefully, God willing. I would like to get your book, since I prefer it to the video. Peace

SAM GERRANS: Regarding your criticisms: I prefer evidence to invective. On your other points: “[Khalifa believed that] Qur’an in its current written form should be tweaked in certain places in order to come to this conclusion. For example, according to Rashad Khalifa, the initial Muqatta’at Nun (ن) in Sura 68 should be written as ‘Nun Waw Nun’ (نؤن)” cf. My own note to 74:31 summarises my (albeit simple) understanding of what 19 means in the Qur’an: “The final word of this clause can be read angels or as angels. If read the first way, the implication is that ‘the companions of the fire’ mentioned here are themselves angels. While this is the popular reading, the Qur’anic evidence is against it. The expression the companions of the fire occurs a total of 20 times (2:39, 2:81, 2:217, 2:257, 2:275, 3:116, 5:29, 7:36, 7:44, 7:47, 7:50, 10:27, 13:5, 39:8, 40:6, 40:43, 58:17, 59:20, 64:10, 74:31) and in all cases outside of the one under discussion at 74:31 it unquestionably references those who are to suffer in Hell. In the absence of explicit, incontrovertible evidence to the contrary, a reasonable man must assume that what is meant in each of the remaining 19 instances is what is meant here also; this simple process of analysis also, incidentally, provides us with a reasonable answer to what is referenced by the number 19 here (which itself has served as the catalyst for so much generative and speculative output of a mathematical nature beginning with Rashad Khalifa) – i.e. all the other cases of ‘the companions of the fire’; thus, the cardinal number found at 74:30 merely indicates  the number of the remaining cases of ‘the companions of the fire’ all of which precede this one in the text, and acts as a parity bit by means of which we receive a proof point supportive of the Qur’an’s claim to be complete, preserved and in the correct order – something which Rashid Khalifa in part, in effect, was compelled to dispute in order to attempt to bend the facts to his theories.” Just to be clear: just as I have no interest in Traditionalist Islam, I have even less interest in spending what time God gives me wrangling with non-Traditionalists over their favourite theories. What is of primary importance in the Qur’an is clear and easily understood (belief in God and the Last Day and the doing of good works; the mechanism of warning the ruling elites as the unchanging practice of God in overturning tyrannies). I care about these things. The rest of it – to me – is a talking shop. I have looked at that portion of the 19 material I could understand. Some of it stands up. Some of it seems a stretch. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t affect my life or supply any of the guidance which the Qur’an claims to represent. But then people are different; and I’m not a mathematician – both of which points I am perfectly comfortable with. Peace, Sam.

EDİP: Excellent observation, brother. We knew this for years. At the same time, you have provided great support for the mathematical miracle of the Quran based on code 19. Of course, you are not even aware of the fact that you are contradicting your initial statement trying to reduce the importance of 19.

The Author of the Quran gives special importance to the number 19 and no sophistry or diversion can cover up that fact. Besides the prophetic emphasis on the number 19 and its functions (increasing the trust of those who trust God and to expose the hypocrites and ingrates); its ubiquitous extraordinary presence in the structure of chapters, verses, words and letters is proof to the divine assessment: Indeed, it is one of the greatest. In fact, this observation regarding then frequency of the number of “Ashab al-Nar” which is an old discovery, is one of the hundreds of parameters supporting the importance of 19. Interestingly, you are using a single example to reject the importance of similar and even much impressive examples. It is a major confusion. I will address this in a video God willing.

You reminded me my argument with Abdurrahman Lomax, about 20 years ago, on the frequency of the word Day (YaWM) in singular form. He was joined by a Jewish skeptic. Both wasted my time for days until it became clear that the frequency of the word DAY (Yawm) with no connected suffixes was exactly 365. But, I was thankful in the end. Lomax, while trying to refute the fact, inadvertently discovered another fact, which he did not ever realize until I reminded him. The total frequency of all forms of the word “YWM” as acknowledged by Lomax, is 475, that is, 19×25. God always exposes those who rejects the truth (47:29).  Fer the entire argument and its summary visit and read the article titled 365 Days.

10:39-40 Indeed, they have rejected this without studying and examining it, and before understanding it. Thus did those before them disbelieve. Therefore, note the consequences for the transgressors. Some of them believe, while others disbelieve in it. Your Lord is fully aware of the evildoers.

54:1-5    The Hour has come closer, and the moon has split. Then they saw a miracle; but they turned away and said, “Old magic.” They disbelieved, followed their own desires, and adhered to their old traditions. Sufficient warnings have been delivered to alert them. Great wisdom; but all the warnings have been in vain.

52:45-46 Disregard them until they meet THEIR DAY in which they are struck. On that DAY, their schemes will not protect them, nor will they be helped.

52:45-46 Read your own record. TODAY, you suffice as your own reckoner.