Theopolitical Roots of the so-called “Islamic Terrorism”

Militant clerics, whether they are the collaborators with the totalitarian regimes or are the dissidents, should be taken seriously. Using the language of religion, the proverbs of their forefathers, they can mobilize gullible masses to bloody conflicts. The best way to deflate the power of militant clergymen is (1) to support intellectuals who promote democracy and freedom, and (2) denounce and punish the oppressive leaders without favoring one to another, through international legal devices such as, freezing their assets in foreign countries and trying them in international tribunals during their reign or after they are ousted from power.

The Making of a Documentary

In June 2011 with a film crew, I visited Atlanta, New York, Vancouver, Los Angles back to Tucson.
We hugged cacti in Tucson and chased numbers on the highways, we ambushed atheists at the Skeptic Society in Altadena, Los Angeles. We debated the imam of the biggest mosque in New York who escaped from his own mosque in frustration with his teachings. We debated with the president of the American Atheist organization at New Jersey. We challenged Americans regarding the USA-Inc’s imperialism and capitalism. And more…