Biology of Human Rights

In a world that is becoming smaller and smaller by the dramatic advance of modern technology and inter-continental nuclear missiles, we are compelled to be concerned about the plights of those who live in other countries. We are intelligent and experienced enough to fear from the tyrannical governments that treats their subjects badly. We know very well that dictators are not intelligent and trustworthy; they harm their own people, themselves and others. Equal rights for every single human being is the ultimate goal to live in a peaceful world.

The Making of a Documentary

In June 2011 with a film crew, I visited Atlanta, New York, Vancouver, Los Angles back to Tucson.
We hugged cacti in Tucson and chased numbers on the highways, we ambushed atheists at the Skeptic Society in Altadena, Los Angeles. We debated the imam of the biggest mosque in New York who escaped from his own mosque in frustration with his teachings. We debated with the president of the American Atheist organization at New Jersey. We challenged Americans regarding the USA-Inc’s imperialism and capitalism. And more…