Fethullah Gülen: a Dangerous Cult Leader

Fethullah Gülen has multiple personalities. The first personality, which is the most visible one, is a humble spiritual leader, like the good son of Ghandi and Mother Theresa. The other personality, however, is a calculated Machiavellian who secretly plans and establishes political alliances to pursue his long-term goal of grabbing power in Turkey so that to realize his longer-term dream of resurrecting a Sunni theocratic empire akin to Ottomans. He is a fan of Ottoman dictators, such as Fatih Sultan Mehmed, who killed their baby brothers to keep their throne! That aspiration alone should tell plenty about the real person behind his peaceful and humble facade.

Fethullah Gulen: The Naked Sunni Caliph

As it appears, the USA-Inc has also picked a Sultan for Turkey besides the Caliph, and advised them to work together so that they could both establish a moderate semi-democratic Muslim model in the Middle East, controlled by the USA and its allies. That will diminish the influence of Iran in the region, the rebellious nation.