NINETEEN: God’s Signature in Nature and Scripture. EXAMPLES:

NINETEEN: God’s Signature in Nature and Scripture. EXAMPLES: The number of Arabic letters in the opening statement of the Quran, BiSMi ALLaĤi AL-RaĤMaNi AL-RaĤYM (1:1) 19 x 1 Every word in Bismillah… is found in the Quran in multiples of 19 The frequency of the first word, Name (Ism) 19 x 1 The frequency of …

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Descartes vs. Berkeley: On the Two Corners of the Triangle

Mind, body and God! This is a Bermuda Triangle which philosophers have been struggling with for centuries. They have demonstrated positions ranging on all possible combinations and permutations: All three exist… Only mind exists… Mind and body exist, while God is created by our mind… Body is the essence and mind is a function of the body… Only universal spirit, that is God, exists… Mind is the first… No, body is the first… Neither, God is the first… So on so forth… Here we will demonstrate, compare and contrast the opinions of Descartes and Berkeley on the interaction and relation between the two corners of the triangle: Mind and God.

Popper’s Theory of Epistemology

A scientific hypothesis must provide a logical possibility to be refuted by a probable true observation statement. Therefore, according to Popper, falsifiability is a required characteristic for a scientific theory. Science evolves by shedding its falsified theories. Popper’s falsification model is similar to the notion of “natural selection”. The best theory survives.

“Who influenced the uprising of Quranist movement?”

Rashad’s impact on modern Quranic movement is underestimated. Many of those who viciously attack him are unaware of the fact that many of the ideas and arguments used to defend the Quran alone and refutations of hadiths, originated from Rashad’s dedicated study of the Quran as a sincere seeker of truth. I am surprised that some Turkish people do not even know Rashad’s name, but they have received the message from a friend of mine who received it from me. We should not focus on Rashad or exaggerate him like some among Submitters do, but we should also beware of tendency of unfairly and unknowingly attacking and insulting a courageous monotheist.

Innumerate, Ignorant and Arrogant Sunni and Shiite Scholars

Muslims started developing theories regarding the number of the letters of Bismillah after the revelation of “one of the greatest” (74:35) miracles in 1974. Interestingly, after realizing the radical theological ramification of Code 19, contemporary Sunni and Shiite scholars started disagreeing on the number of letters contained in Bismillah. To deny the existence of the Code, every possible argument, regardless how ridiculous, is tried. Some clergymen increased the number of its letters to 20, 21 and even upto 22. Some preferred to reduce the letter count to 18. We will discuss this preposterous but common reaction to the mathematical structure of the Quran later.

What was the Name of the Last Prophet: Muhammad or Muhammed?

In summary, according to the teaching of the Quran, the name of the last prophet could not have been Muhammad; it was MUHAMMID, similar to the linguistic form of Muallim (teacher) or Musawir (designer). It is not the prophet who deserves the praise, but it is Allah (the god), our Lord, the One, the Initiator, the Designer, the Compassionate, the Living, the Eternal, the Almighty, and the Omniscient God. Praise is to the Lord of the Universe.

The Background and Chronology of the Discovery

The Background and Chronology of the Discovery (From: NINETEEN: God’s Signature in Nature and Scripture, Edip Yuksel, Brainbowpress, 2011, 620 pages) Below is the outline of the major revelations and discoveries regarding the mathematical design of the Quran in chronological order. It includes some of my own contribution and experience: 610: Born in 570 ACE, …

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