Edip Yuksel’s Channel at Youtube


First, if you want to keep in touch with our activities, please subscribe to my English Twitter @19org

I have recently (2011) started uploading some video clips at Youtube… I will be posting many more, inshallah… You may find some of my live TV debates in Turkish uploaded by other people. You may search Youtube by my name “Edip Yuksel” or “Edip Yüksel” to find my videos.

Or, may find the English videos posted by me at my Youtube channel by searching for: “Edip Yuksel (E)”, in which letter E in paranthesis indicates the Language.


God willing, the upcoming two documentaries will be available online and also in high definition DVDs. Here is a sample:

Running Like Zebras

Interview with Noam Chomsky

Speech at European Parliament

Last Statement at the European Parliament

Debating the President of American Atheists Organization)

Challenging Americans at Ground Zero

Why Quran Alone 1/2

Why Quran Alone 2/2

Islamic Reform (introduction)

Code 19

And Many More at Edip Yüksel’s Channel. See the PLAYLIST