Why the Zionist Enemies of the Prophet Muhammad LOVE HADITH even More than Sunnis and Shiites?


Why the Zionist Enemies of the Prophet Muhammad LOVE HADITH even More than Sunnis and Shiites?

25 February 2012

Edip Yuksel

The following list of hadith or hadith-based stories compiled by an enemy of Muhammed who call himself Abul Kasem. Ironically, he enjoys the hadith as much as the Sunni and Shiite enemies of the Prophet Muhammed do, and even more.

The only difference is this: Kasem knows that he is an enemy of Muhammed depicted by hadith and seerah books, but the followers of those books are in love with such figure introduced by Devil as Muhammed (See Quran 6:112-116). As the delusional St. Paul and his blind followers among Christians are the enemies of Jesus and his message of Monotheism are in denial of their lies and fabrications…  

Considering the fact that Kasem came to reject the profile of Muhammad in Hadith books puts him in a better position than those who have the audacity to attribute those lies and insults to one of the greatest, peaceful, just and wisest human beings in history. The Quran describes the fabricators of hadith as “devils” and refutes their main argument claiming that the Quran is not detailed, is incomplete without hadith and insufficient for guidance… (For more information and a comprehensive comparative table see: Manifesto for Islamic Reform).

I have exposed Kasem and other ardent enemies of Islam and Muhammed who are used by a rabid warmonger, David Horowitz, the founder of a Zionist propaganda machine, Front Page Magazine. I have published my debates with Robert Spencer, Bill Warner, Abu Kasem, and Ali Sina in a book titled: Peacemaker’s Guide to War Mongers.

These enemies of Islam who have been promoting wars, torture and genocide against Muslims around the world for more than a decade, are all in love with hadith. When I debated with them, they all insisted on hadiths, which were fabricated centuries after Muhammed. Over and over, they repeated the need for hadith to understand the Quran. They hoped to lure me to the piles of trash and mud of Hadithistan so that they could drown me there together with the Muhammed of their imagination created by those lies. They all accused me of not following hadith, ironically employing exactly the same silly and false arguments used by Sunnis and Shiis. They even used the distorted translations of the Quran to force-feed me hadith, which were developed by those who traded the liberating and progressive message of the Quran with the enslaving and backward teachings of hadiths and sunna.

Below is the excerpt from this prominent Zionist website. Please READ all the hadiths and hadith-based history below and reflect on the messenger’s only complaint about his people mentioned in the Quran: 25:30.

An “Apostate” Speaks

By Jamie Glazov
FrontPageMagazine.com | Monday, January 07, 2008

Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Abul Kasem, an ex-Muslim who is the author of hundreds of articles and several books on Islam including, Women in Islam. He was a contributor to the book Leaving Islam – Apostates Speak Out as well as to Beyond Jihad: Critical Views From Inside Islam…

FP: So share with us a bit of what you discovered in Islam.

Kasem: Ok, here is a bit of my education:

  • Prophet said- we will go to attack them (i.e. the infidels) and they will not come to attack us.–Sahih Bukhari, 5.59.435.
  • Prophet allowed rape of war-captives.–Sahih Bukhari, 3.46.718.
  • Muslim soldiers had sex with the captive women in the presence of their husbands and “some were reluctant to do so”.–Sunaan Abu Dawud 11.2150.
  • One can have sexual intercourse with a captive woman after she is clear of her period and/or delivery. If she has a husband then her marriage is abrogated after she becomes a captive – Sahih Muslim 8.3432.
  • Ali (Muhammad’s son-in-law) had sex with booty captive women. Muhammad presented him with the captive woman (to have sex).–Sahih Bukhari 5.59.637.
  • Women are domestic animals; beat them.–Tabari, vol.ix, pp. 9.112-114.
  • Muhammad’s culture of killing was widespread and wild. Muslims killed Umm Qirfa, “a very old woman” by tying her legs with a rope attached to two camels driven in opposite directions thus tearing her body (Ibn Ishak, pp.664-665). Umm Qirfa was torn from limb to limb by four camels (Rodinson, p.248).
  • Allah likes beheading—Kais cut off the head of al-Aswad and shouted ‘Allah is great’.–Baladhuri, p.161.
  • Prophet said spears were his livelihood–Sahih Bukhari Vol-4 Chapter 88.
  • Muhammad ordered a Muslim woman to breastfeed a man. She protested but ultimately had to do so– ibn Majah, 3.1943.
  • Muhammad ordered a Muslim woman to breastfeed a bearded man.–Sahih Muslim, 8.3428.
  • Allah says that a woman must sexually satisfy her husband even when on top of a camel.–Ibn Majah, 3.1853.
  • Muhammad ordered the murder of Asma bt. Marwan, a Jewish poetess when she was suckling her babies.–Ibn Ishaq, p.676, ibn sa’d, vol. ii, p.30-31.
  • Muhammad ordered the assassination of Abu Afak, a 120-year-old man of Medina.–Ibn Ishaq, p.675, ibn Sa’d, vol.ii, p.31.
  • Muhammad conducted ethnic cleansing of Banu Quaynuqa Jews from Medina.–Tabari, vol.vii, p.85.
  • Muhammad hired a professional killer to assassinate Ka’b b. al-Ashraf, a poet of Medina.–Sahih Bukhari, 5.59.369.
  • The messenger of Allah said, “Whoever of the Jews falls into your hands, kill him.” So Muhayyish b. Masud killed his friend and business-partner Ibn Sunaynah- Tabari, vol.vii, p.97-98.
  • Muhammad’s death squad murdered Abu Rafi, a critic of Muhammad in Medina.–Tabari, vol.vii, p.103, Sahih Bukhari, 5.59.371.
  • Muhammad’s death squad assassinated Sufyan ibn Khalid.–Ibn Ishaq, p.664-665, ibn Sa’d, vol.ii, p.60.
  • Muhammad did ethnic cleansing of B. Nadir Jews from Medina.-Tabari, vol. vii, p.158-159, Heykal, ch. B. Nadir, Sahih Bukhari, 3.39.519.
  • Muhammad beheaded between 600-900 Jews of B. Qurayzah who did not fight Muslilms but were attacked, and they surrendered unconditionally–Tabari, vol.viii, ch. B. Qurayzah; Heykal, ch. the Campaign of Khandaq and B. Qurayzah, ibn Ishaq, ch. B. Qurayzah.
  • Arabs are the chosen people of Allah; Allah resembles an Arab.–ibn Sa’d, vol.1, p.2.
  • Allah favours Arab racism—prophet is to be of Quraysh stock and of white complexion (ibn Sa’d, vol.1, p.95-96, Sahih Muslim, 20.4483.
  • Shafi Law m4.2 The following are not suitable matches for one another:
    (1) a non Arab man for an Arab woman (O: because Prophet said: Allah has chosen the Quraysh Arabs as His agent to rule the world (Islamic Caliphate).–Sahih Bukhari, 4.56.704.
  • Whoever says Muhammad was black must be killed.–Ash-Shifa, Tr. Aisha Abdarrahman Bewley, p.375.
  • Muhammad approved killing of women and children of the pagans because they (the children) are from them (i.e. the pagans)…(Sahih Bukhari 4.52.256).
  • Muhammad blessed Jarir for conducting the genocide (including the children) at Dhu Khalasa.–Sahih Bukhari, 4.52.262
  • Muhammad had a black slave; he traded in slaves.–Sahih Bukhari, 9.91.368 and Kasasul Ambia of Ibne Kathir Vol 3 page 112 – Bangla translation by Bashiruddin.
  • Muhammad traded slaves for beautiful, young, and sexy women, such as Saffiya.–Sunaan Abu Dawud, 2.2987, 2991.
  • Muhammad’s hired killer assassinated Al-Yusayr b. Rizam and a party of Khaybar Jews at al-Qarqara.–Ibn Ishaq, p.665-666.
  • Muhammad forced jizya of Zoroastrians—several cases.–Tabari, vol.viii, p.142, Sunaan Abu Dawud, 19.9038.
  • The gratuitous destruction of pagan temples and their idols.–several references: ibn Ishaq, ibn Sa’d, Tabari: ch: The occupation of Mecca .
  • Killing of polytheists is laudable–Muhammad said.–Tabari, vol.ix, p.76.
  • Muhammad’s marauding troops conducted genocide at Jurash, Yemen.–Tabari, vol.ix, p.88-89.
  • Killing infidels is fun.–Tabari, vol.vii. p.65.
  • Muhammad ordered to kill the apostates; if somebody (Muslim) discards his religion, kill him)–Sahih Bukhari, 4.52.260.
  • Blood of animal is very dear to Allah.–Ibn Majah, 4.3126.
  • The Prophet said: A man will not be asked as to why he beat his wife.–Sunaan Abu Dawud, 11.2142.
  • The Prophet said: – People ruled by a woman will never be successful.–-Sahih Bukhari, 5.59.709.
  • Majority of women are in hell.–Sahih Bukhari 1.6.301.
  • A woman must keep her sexual organs ready for service at all times (Ihya Uloom Ed-Din of Ghazali, Tr. Dr Ahmad Zidan, vol.i, p.235)
  • Wife can’t leave home.–Shafi’i law m10.4.
  • If a woman claims to be having her period but her husband does not believe her, it is lawful for him to have sexual intercourse with her.–Shafi’i law e.13.5.
  • Support of a divorced wife is for 3 months.–Shafi’i Law m11.10.
  • Instant divorce is allowed for husbands. No support to a such divorced wives from that moment – Many references.
  • No reason is required to divorce one’s wife/s (Many references, Sharia the Islamic Law –Dr. Abdur Rahman Doi, p.173).
  • It is unlawful for women to leave the house with faces unveiled, whether or not there is likelihood of temptation. It is unlawful for women to be alone with a marriageable man.–Shafi’i Law m2.3.
  • Muhammad said, “No nation prospers over which a woman rules.”–Ihyya Uloom Ed-din of Ghazali, Tr. Fazl-Ul-Karim, p.2.35.
  • If Muhammad wanted anyone to prostrate before another, he would have ordered a woman to prostrate before her husband.–Ibid, p.2.43.
  • A woman, a slave and an unbeliever is not fit to be a moral police.–Ibid, p.2.186.
  • Muhammad said,” A woman is the string of the devil.”–Ibid, p.3.87.
  • A woman is the best coveted of things to a man. He takes pleasures in penetrating his genital organ into female vaginal canal. Thus, vagina is the most coveted thing in a woman.–Ghazali, p.3.162.
  • A woman is a servant and the husband is the person served.–Hedaya, the Hanafi Law manual, p.47
  • You can enjoy a wife by force.–Hedaya, p.141
  • Full dower is the payment for the delivery of woman’s person. Booza meaning Genitalia arvum Mulieris.–Hedaya, p.44.
  • Women are your (men) prisoners; treat them well, if necessary beat them but not severely.–Tirmidhi, 104.
  • When a woman goes out, the devil looks at her; so conceal a woman.–Tirmidhi, 928.
  • In paradise, there is a market of rich, beautiful and ever-young women; they will be pleased whoever buys them.–Tirmidhi, 1495.
  • Women are stupid.–Ibn Majah, 5.4003.
  • The best Muslims had the largest number of wives.–Sahih Bukhari, 7.62.7.
  • Allah made Muhammad wealthy through conquests (raid, plunder, war).–Sahih Bukhari, 3.37.495.
  • Muhammad’s main source of livelihood was the money from the Jizya tax on infidels.–Sahih Bukhari, 5.59.351.
  • Muhammad was the ONLY Prophet who killed somebody by his “noble hand”. The person killed was Ubayy b. Khalaf, at the battle of Uhud – page 600 Umdat Al Salik.

The enemy of Muhammad, also adds some verses of the Quran by using exactly the same distorted understanding of the followers of hadith and sunna. The four verses are either DISTORTED through erroneous translations OR distorted with false implications and connotations OR taken out of the context by the followers of the hadith and hearsay stories listed above.

  • Allah regards the unbelievers (non-Muslims) as slaves in the hands of the Muslims.–The Qur’an 16:75.
  • Provisions set by Allah and Muhammad are binding to all Muslims: there are no alternatives.–The Qur’an, 33:36.
  • Obeying Muhammad is obeying Allah.–The Qur’an, 4:80.
  • Muhammad’s booty is Allah’s booty, which was how Allah made Muhammad rich.–The Qur’an, 59:6-7

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