Share is the Internet site dedicated to inform people about the “new” message received from the Creator of the universe. aims a Copernican revolution in realm of religion.

We are aware of the fact that suppression of ideas is the main source of political, economic, and social corruptions. Thus, we promote Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Also we know that religious dogmatism and sectarian teachings have caused many tragedies in human history. Thus, we promote Code 19, which through critical and rational thinking, frees religious minds from the enslaving authority of clergymen and from the darkness of superstitions and mythologies.

It is a well known fact that the name of God, like many other concepts and entities, have been abused for power by classes of people, especially by clergymen and politicians. The’s mission is to expose this exploitation without falling into the same trap. As the founders of the, we describe our religious position as monotheistic rationalism.

We believe in the First Cause or the Creator of the universe or a “God who reveals himself in the harmony of all that exists” as One Omniscient Benevolent Being and we are skeptical of all man-made claims attributed to Him. We believe that the root of evil is in the idolization of humans and other powers besides God, which is emphasized in the top of the so-called Ten Commandments. Attributing divine qualities such as infallibility and eternal forgiveness to humans like Popes, Mullahs, Saints, Monks or any human, create a diabolic mechanism that exploit masses economically, politically and intellectually. This exploitation has caused many great sufferings in human history, such as holy wars, inquisition, tyranny and atrocities.

We know that some lose their Creator in the complexity of their labs, while some lose their critical reasoning among dogmas of their faith. Therefore, we are determined to examine religious premises and teachings with both objective and subjective criteria. Unfortunately, many solaced religious people rely on hearsay, self promoting claims, wishful thinking, and are extremely vulnerable to peer pressure and cultural norms. Thus, we accept the maxim that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Tough we agree that falsifiability is a good criterion to distinguish scientific claims from pseudo science, we know that this criterion also has its limitations. For instance, the theory of evolution is non-falsifiable but it has many verifiable supporting evidences.

We believe that integrating the power of empirical evidence and critical reasoning with our personal experience and faith will lead us to become closer to the light of the truth. We never claim to have attained the ultimate truth, nor we claim infallibility.

We are ready to abandon our belief system if it is shown to us to be false or irrational. We have aversion against contradictions, but if we have a compelling reason to accept paradoxes we will tolerate them in a calculated dose. However, the threshold for the compelling reason must be very high. In that case, we will interpret the problem as an apparent contradiction needing more light or brain power to be understood. For instance, our faith in an Omniscient, Omnipotent and Benevolent God, which is based on our knowledge gathered from our rational interpretation of empirical and personal experiences, creates an apparent contradiction with our observation of physical and moral evils in this world. We are open to discuss any issue based on logic, reason and empirical evidence and we will never suppress questions even if they are aimed against the core of our belief system.

We know that fanaticism in skepticism leads to blindness to the metaphysical reality while fanaticism in faith leads to gullibly believing every myth and every asserted para-phenomenon, which ultimately lead to all kinds of exploitation, misery and contradiction. In brief, we advocate a “common sense” approach in religious matters; we use all of our senses and employ a heuristic method.

We believe that a universal reformation in all religions is necessary to emphasize their common denominator: God. Clergymen have turned God to a secondary figure or a means for other ends. Monotheistic religions have been transformed to polytheism by the creation of idols after the departure of their original messengers. Division and hostility among religions were started by clergymen, the creator of human idols and the most ridiculous stories about salvation.

To achieve this goal, will promote and facilitate intelligent dialogue among the believers of all religions, agnostics and skeptics as well. will arrange contests, conferences and meetings to eradicate all the clouds covering the light of the truth. No one has monopoly on the truth. Nevertheless, we believe that sincerity and open-mindedness are necessary ingredients. So, we cannot use God’s name to make money nor we can cease questioning and searching for the truth. If you share this concern and this curiosity, you are welcome to join us.

We are converts from myriad sects and denominations of Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Agnosticism, Atheism, etc.

We worship God alone, and we don’t follow anything without rational or scientific examination. We prefer to call ourselves muslims (submitting ourselves to the laws of Creator withoud polluting it with sectarian prefixes nor suffixes), or monotheists. From Adam to our day, all righteous people who worshiped God alone and believed in the hereafter were and are muslims (submitters to God), regardless of their religious practices. (We believe and assert that every particle and force in the universe is a submitter to God, except the dendritic configuration developed by people who choose to reject submission. See, How Much Muslim Are You?)

We have all kinds of people in our community: cashiers, nurses, professors, doctors, journalists, students, businessmen, scientists, artists, unemployed, and even lawyers.

We don’t have professional religionists, or paid clergymen. We worship God alone, and we don’t believe anything without rational or scientific examination. We reject the sectarian jurisprudence, meadival Arab culture and teachings of scholars which are based on Hadith and Sunnah, that is, words and practices falsely attributed to prophet Muhammad. We do not discriminate among God’s messengers; we do not favor one to another. We focus on God and His universal message, not on His mortal messengers. We believe that the original message of Socrates, Buddha, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad have been vastly distorted by their so-called followers and the clergymen.

We promote freedom of expression and faith, peace, justice and cooperation. We believe that democracy is the best system so far that provide liberty and civil rights for individuals and minorities. (We also believe that money and special interest groups are fatal viruses corrupting democracy!)

We are claimed to be “apostates” by corrupt Sunni or Shiite scholars and we are target of their fanatic followers; some us were killed some of us were forced to immigrate and some of us are bravely expressing their faith in an environment of oppression and supression, and some of us, thank God, are enjoying the freedom provided in the democratic countries of the “free” world. (This does not mean that the so-called Free World is problem free!).

We believe that men and women, despite some minor differences, are equal in the sight of God and women have been oppressed by the misogynistic teachings of all-male clerics.

We have a mathematically coded book: The Final Testament. It is a book with built-in physical evidence that it is God’s message to us; it is mathematically composed far beyond human capability. Besides, it provides a physical proof for the existence of God. (The same mathematical code was also discovered in an original part of the Old Testament by Rabbi Judah in 11th century. See: Studies in Jewish Mysticism, Cambridge University, 1982. This has nothing to do with the so-called Bible Code, which has no mathematical merit).

This mathematical code is simple to understand, but impossible to imitate. You do not need to learn the original language of the Scripture in order to witness the miracle. If you can see letters or words and can count until 19 you can verify most of the evidence.

This mathematical message, coded by the prime number 19, promises a new era in the world of religions. Not only it does provide an examinable, physical evidence for the existence of God, it also exposes the widespread corruption plagued by organized religions. This mathematical code suggests (as published in our numerous books) a “Copernican revolution” in theology of religions. Instead of Krishna-centered, or Jesus-centered, or Muhammad-centered religions we must turn to the original center, to the God-centered model.