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Quran: a Reformist Translation

The Reformist Translation of the Quran offers a non-sexist understanding of the divine text; it is the result of collaboration between three translators, two men and a woman. It explicitly rejects the right of the clergy to determine the likely meaning of disputed passages It uses logic and the language of the Quran itself as the ultimate authority in determining likely meanings, rather than ancient scholarly interpretations rooted in patriarchal hierarchies. It offers extensive cross-referencing to the Bible and provides arguments on numerous philosophical and scientific issues. It is God’s message for those who prefer reason over blind faith, for those who seek peace and ultimate freedom by submitting themselves to the Truth alone.

Reza Aslan: Bold and beautiful.
Irshad Manji: A testament to the fact that faith need not suffocate reason.
Mark Sykes: Should begin many conversations.
Riffat Hassan: Very interesting and timely
Kassim Ahmad: I completely agree with you in your rejection of the right of any group to arrogate to themselves the sole interpretation of the Quran.
Gershom Kibrisli: This translation is a message of peace, justice and judgment.
Aisha Y. Musa: Quran: A Reformist Translation is also unique because it is the product of collaboration between two key figures in the present-day Qur’anist movement: Edip Yuksel and Layth Saleh al-Shaiban.
Caner Taslaman: With its lucid language, brilliant theological and philosophic arguments, Edip Yüksel removes the smoke of distortions and ignorance generated by clergymen that have concealed the light of the Quran from masses.

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Exploring Islam in a New Light

Abdur Rab

Exploring Islam in a New Light is a bold, modern, and in-depth vision of Islam solely according to the Quran. This Islam is spiritual, humane, and scientific, far from a fanatic and militant image it carries in the West. This book is an impassioned call to understand Islam solely in Quranic terms and to reform practiced Islam, distorted by Hadith-based ideas. “Abdur Rab offers a comprehensive vision of Islam using the Quran as his sole religious textual source. He intentionally avoids the hadith literature, which he believes, and argues, has done much damage to the message of the Quran. His work provides many thought-provoking insights and should be a significant contribution to the ‘Quran only’ movement in modern Islam.”-Jeffrey Lang, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics, University of Kansas, andauthor of Losing My Religion: A Call for Help”At a time when misconceptions about Islam are on the rise, even among Muslims,Abdur Rab has provided a compelling argument for returning to the Quran for a deeper, more complete, more original understanding of the meaning and message of Islam. The result is a book that posits not a NEW interpretation of Islam, but a more authentic one.”-Reza Aslan, Ph.D., Professor of Creative Writing, UC, Riverside,and author of No god but God: The Origins, Evolution, and Future of IslamFor more about the book, visit the author’s website:


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