NINETEEN: God’s Signature


Nineteen: God's Signature in Nature and Scripture

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NINETEEN: God’s Signature in Nature and Scripture provides a powerful evidence for God’s existence, as expected, envisioned or demanded by some philosophers and scientists, such as Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Gottfried Leibniz, David Hume, Paul Dirac, and Carl Sagan. Code 19 was hidden in the 74th chapter of the Quran, The Hidden, for 19×74 (1406) lunar years, and was discovered in 1974 by Dr. Rashad Khalifa, an Egyptian-American biochemist.

The number 19 has been controversial since its discovery and the number has realized all its assigned functions according to the prophetic verses of Chapter 74.

Because of the implications of his discovery of the Secret, as well as his strong criticism of the sectarian teachings based on Hadith and Sunna, Rashad was declared a heretic/apostate by leading Sunni scholars from 38 countries who held an emergency conference in Saudi Arabia in 1989 to discuss the Salman Rushdie controversy. While Rushdi survived, Rashad was assassinated in Masjid Tucson in January 31, 1990, by a terrorist group linked to al-Qaeda. The author of this book also received similar fatwa, yet he has escaped several assassination attempts, so far.

Code 19, which was also discovered in the original portions of the Old Testament by Judah ben Samuel in 11th century, is simple to understand but impossible to imitate.

Code 19 has little to do with numerology, since its literary-numerical (LitNu) pattern can be verified or falsified through scientific inquiry. It is radically different from the pattern demonstrated in The Bible Code, which has no statistical value.

Unlike regular metaphysical or paranormal claims, Code 19 can be verified or falsified by virtually anyone, since the Arabic version of the Quran is available everywhere. Besides, for the most part, the reader does not need to know Arabic but only two eyes to see, an ability to count, a critical mind, and an open mind and heart to witness extraordinary signs as the fulfillment of a great prophecy.

This discovery has created a paradigm shift among those who witness it: ―instead of joining a religious bandwagon by blindly believing a holy story or hearsay, we must be critical thinkers; we must question everything and seek truth through knowledge.

The code suggests a “Copernican revolution” in theology of religions. Instead of Krishna-centered, or Jesus-centered, or Muhammad-centered religions we must turn to the original center, to the God-centered model.

The message of rational monotheism has sparked an ongoing controversy in countries with Muslim-majority populations, e.g., Egypt, Pakistan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc. Internet forums are filled with heated debates regarding this code.

The improbability and impossibility of the numerical structure of the Quran being produced by a medieval Arab genius becomes evident when we consider the following factors:

  • It includes simple elements of the Quran and goes deeper to an interlocking system of complex numerical patterns and relationships.
  • It involves not only frequencies of letters and words but also the numerical values of letters.
  • It involves not only an intricate numerical pattern but also a huge set of data consisting of units with multiple functions, such as letters that are also digits, words that are also numbers.
  • The numeroliteral aspect of the Quran were not known by the adherents of the Quran until late 1960s and especially, 1974.
  • The literary aspect of the Quran has received praises from many literary giants throughout centuries.
  • The scientific accuracy of Quranic statements on various fields has been immaculate.
  • Muhammad was one of the busiest and greatest social and political reformists in human history.
  • The timing of the discovery of the code is precise and prophetic.
  • A series of prophetic events regarding the code has been fulfilled.

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NINETEEN: God's Signature in Nature and Scripture


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