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Manifesto for Islamic Reform

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(Russian translation of: Manifesto For Islamic Reform)

God’s Signature in Nature and Scripture

One of the greatest miracles based on code 19 mentioned in chapter 74 (The Hidden One),
and it was discovered in 1974 by a late biochemist Rashad Khalifa exactly 19×74 lunar years after its revelation.
It is a verifiable and falsifiable evidence proving that the Quran is divine
and it is protected by God perfectly.
It increases the trust of those who acknowledge the truth,
and punishes the ingrates and hypocrites, who are exposed their negative reaction and lack of understanding.
Witnessing the miracle will change your paradigma and eternal life. (74:1-56)

1 Page Summary of 19


Peacemaker’s Guide to Warmongers

Exposing Robert Spencer, Osama Bin Laden, David Horowitz, Mullah Omar,
Bill Warner, Ali Sina and other Enemies of Peace

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To count the letters in verses and chapters of the Quran
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Big Number Calculator
Divides looooooooooooooooooong Numbers
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Quranic Guidance

Verse references important for arguments against the enemies of the Quran, such as Sunni and Shiite mushriks



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